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Do witches wear jewellery?

Of course, witches wear jewels and accessories. Witches enjoy wearing accessories as much as everyone. Sometimes for fashion, other times for protection and religion. And some people wear them for other spiritual properties. Witches are just regular people and have the same desires to express themselves.


What jewellery do witches wear?

Some witches wear ordinary jewellery. And some wear jewels with various symbols and crystals. The signs may include crosses, pentacles, swords, pentagrams, and more. To express their religion, belief, and style or to offer protection. Some trinkets have spiritual properties like enlightening and protection. Examples include quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst and others.


Why do witches wear jewellery with symbols?

Witches can wear jewels with symbols such as pentagrams. And crosses, triple moons, and pentacles. There are many reasons a witch may wear jewels with symbols on them. Reasons may include expressing their religion, belief and spiritual protection. Or sometimes it's just because they like the look.


Is there any jewellery to boost magic spells?

Jewellery can help in boosting magic spells if it contains certain gemstones. The reason for this is that different gemstones have different spiritual properties. Agate can help with healing, depression, and mental health spells. Amber can assist with confidence, protection, and strength spells. And amethyst can boost cleansing and consecration spells.


Best jewellery for protection

Black tourmaline is one of the most potent gemstones for protection. And obsidian comes in second place. Any jewellery containing those two gemstones will offer some protection. There are symbols, including pentagrams and angelic sigils, which may help.