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Shop for gothic jewellery at SpiritShack! We have a large selection of gothic-style jewellery for you. The goth style usually incorporates horror, medieval, romance, cats, skulls, roses, swords, crosses or skull elements. No matter your preference, we will indeed have something you will like.



What is gothic jewellery?

Gothic jewellery expresses darkness and modern-day rebellion. The theme includes medieval, horror, romance, bats, roses, skulls, swords, and more elements. The theme is mainly black and dark, with exaggerated shapes, angles, and edges.


What does goth jewellery look like?

Gothic-style jewellery comes in many flavours, even though it is mainly black and dark-themed. Common elements include skulls, beats, demons, skeletons, roses, crosses, pentagrams, pentacles and more. The style is unique, exaggerated, and pretty, with lots of sharp and pointy edges.


Where did goth-style jewellery come from?

Gothic jewellery emerged from gothic rock music in the 1970s in the United Kingdom. The jewellery matches the dark and sinister music rhythms from the genre. It may be seen as a display of rebellion, but many enjoy the look.


Which items are associated with gothic people?

Gothic people like to express themselves with black, dark, and rebellious clothing, jewellery, and accessories. The themes include skulls, horns, pentagrams, snakes, roses, and demons. It's not just clothing; you can find gothic clocks, bedding, door mats, and much more home decor.


What does gothic symbolize?

Gothic is a modern-day style which expresses darkness, horror, death, demons and evil. Born from rock in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, the style caught on fast. It is described as dark romanticism in most literature. Gothics are not typically dark; they enjoy the look.