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What is pagan?

It's a term created by Christian people in the fourth century. Christians called it people who worshipped other gods. Their gods are gods of Earth and nature, including Thor, Odin, Freyr, Frigg and Loki.


How do you become a pagan?

There are no qualifications required to become a pagan. There are no requirements because paganism is a belief and region. To become one, study and learn religion and history. Once learned, if you believe in the faith, you are pagan. And you are free to value to values and practice the religion.


What is pagan jewellery?

The jewellery is for people who believe in the old gods. Gods other than the Christian god. The designs may include symbols like the pentagram. And the "Valknut", "Awen", "Ankh", "Triquerta", and the triple moon. Paganism has strong ties with witchcraft. Many traditional witches worshipped the gods from paganism.


What are pagan jewellery symbols?

Pagan symbols include the pentagram, the triple moon, and the Tree of Life. And their gods have ties to Earth and nature. The basic paganism symbols represent Earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.


Do goths wear pagan jewellery?

There are many likenesses between Gothic and pagan jewellery. Many people wear Gothic jewellery for its cosmetic looks. Pagans may wear it for the same reason. But they can wear it to express their belief in paganism as well. Today, many people follow the way of the old gods and religions. It's one of the oldest regions in existence.