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Shop for Wiccan jewellery at SpiritShack! We have an extensive range of Wiccans and pagan jewellery for you. The Wiccan style has crystal, chakra, pagan and witch symbols. Many of these symbols have spiritual and religious meanings.



What is Wiccan jewellery?

People wear Wiccan trinkets who practice Wicca or enjoy the visual appeal. It's a modern pagan religion centred around nature and worshipping the goddess and god. Wiccan trinkets include symbols from Wiccan beliefs. There are pentacles, triquetras, and moon phases and more.


What are common Wiccan symbols used in jewellery?

There are many symbols used in Wiccan, each with its meaning. The pentacle represents the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. And the triquetra, representing the triple goddess and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The crescent moon represents the goddess and the phases of the moon.


What is the significance of wearing Wiccan jewellery?

For many Wiccans, wearing Wiccan items is a way to connect with their spiritual beliefs. And to bring the power and energy of those beliefs into their everyday lives. Wearing Wicca jewellery can serve as a reminder of their faith. And can help them to feel more connected to the natural world.


Can Wiccan jewellery be used for witchcraft?

Of course, you can use the jewellery in your witchcraft and ritual practices. Many Wiccans believe that you can imbue jewellery with specific energies and intentions. And that wearing or carrying certain pieces can help to enhance the power of their spells and rituals.


How do I look after my Wiccan jewellery?

The care and cleaning of Wiccan jewellery depends on the materials used to make the piece. We recommend you avoid wearing it in the shower or when swimming. Exposure to water can damage certain materials. Cleaning methods will vary depending on the materials as well. But it is best to avoid harsh chemicals and to clean gently.