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What are witch candles?

Witches use them in witchcraft and other magical practices. They come in a variety of wax types. Wax types include soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin. And may can come scented with essential oils or infused with herbs.


How are witch candles used?

A witch candle has many purposes. It depends on the practitioner's intention and the desired outcome. Witches use them in spells, rituals, and meditation practices. Witches use them in manifestation, energy clearing, and relaxation.


What are the best colours for witch candles?

The colour of a witch candle can have different meanings. Depending on the practitioner's tradition. For example, a white candle is for purity and protection. In contrast, a red candle is for love and passion. A black candle can is for banishing negative energy and protection. You can use a combination of colours to craft your spell.


Can I use a regular candle for witchcraft?

You can use a regular candle for some types of spells. But many practitioners prefer to use a candle made for witchcraft. This is because the candle has intention and is infused. Infused herbs and scents with specific energies and properties.


How long should I burn a witch candle for?

The length of time to burn a witch candle depends. It depends on the practitioner's intention and the size of the candle. We recommended burning a candle for at least 30 minutes. Or up to one hour to allow the energy to build up. Remember, it's vital not to leave a candle unattended. And follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe burning practices.