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What is a crystal ball?

It's a spherical object made of glass or other transparent materials. These mystic objects are used for divination and scrying. It is believed to have the power to show your past, present and future. Witches and mediums use these mystic objects.


What are crystal balls made of?

The balls are made of various materials, including quartz, glass, and crystals. Clear quartz is one of the most common materials used for balls. Quartz is used most due to its clarity and ability to refract light.


How do you use a crystal ball for divination or scrying?

You can use a ball for divination or scrying by holding it or placing it on a stand before you. The practitioner then focuses their attention on the ball, allowing their mind to become receptive. Once the mind is open, images or messages may come through.


What can you see in crystal balls?

The images or messages which appear in the ball can vary. Incoming messages depend on the practitioner's intentions and level of experience. Some people may see clear pictures or symbols. And others may experience more abstract sensations or feelings.


Are crystal balls effective for divination or scrying?

The potency of balls for divination and scrying is a matter of personal belief and experience. The balls can provide past, present and future insights. Others are more sceptical. And believe that any information obtained through scrying results from the user's subconscious mind.