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What are witch crystals?

You can use gems in witchcraft for their metaphysical properties. Many people believe each has a unique energy. You can use the power in spells, rituals, and other magical workings


What are some common witch crystals and their properties?

Common gemstones include amethyst for spiritual growth and psychic awareness. And rose quartz for love and emotional healing. And you can use clear quartz for amplifying energy and manifestation. Other popular witch gems include black tourmaline for protection. And citrine for abundance and prosperity, and moonstone for intuition.


How do I cleanse and charge my crystals?

You can cleanse your gems by running them underwater. And smudging them with sage. Or placing them on a bed of salt or in sunlight or moonlight. To charge your crystals, you can set them outside. Leave them under the full moon overnight. Or hold them in your hands and visualize your intentions for them.


How do I use crystals in my witchcraft practice?

You can use gemstones in many ways in your practice. Such as carrying them with you and placing them on your altar. Or by including them in spells and rituals. You can meditate with your crystals. Or hold them during energy work. Or place them in your home to enhance the energy of the space.


Can I use any crystal for witchcraft?

You can use any crystal for witchcraft, but certain crystals are more used. The reason is due to their specific metaphysical properties. It's essential to research the properties of different crystals. And determine which ones will best support your intentions.