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What is a dreamcatcher?

The Dreamcatcher is a handmade net or web made from horsehair, string, or yarn. They often decorated the net with feathers and beads. Originating from the Native Americans, they were placed near the bed. Its purpose is to give its owner good dreams and offer protection whilst sleeping.


What does a dreamcatcher do?

The Dreamcatcher look like a spider's web. The web catches bad dreams and negative energy. Created by Native Americans, they believed the owner of the dream catcher would get good dreams. And to help get a good night's sleep. They decorated the nets with beads and feathers.


What does the dreamcatcher symbolize?

In Native America, the Dreamcatcher symbolized a talisman. This talisman is to protect the owner during sleep. The woven web catches bad dreams and negative energy in the air. Native Americans kept them near children's beds to keep evil spirits at bay.


What is the purpose of a dreamcatcher?

The purpose of a dreamcatcher is to keep evil spirits and bad dreams at bay. The Native Americans designed it with string or yarn. It's designed in a spider's web shape to catch negative energy in the air. The web is often decorated with beads and feathers, which makes it look more appealing when placed near children's beds.


Where should you hang a dreamcatcher in a bedroom?

The Dreamcatcher is to protect you during sleep, and its ideal place is near your bed. If your mattress is against a wall, put the dream catcher on the wall above your bead. Native Americans believed that the net would catch any negative energy.