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What is a hanging witch decoration?

Witches hanging decorations are wall-mounted decorations used by witches. Some examples are wall display moons, dreamcatchers, witches' hats, pentagrams, pumpkins, crows, cauldrons, flying broomsticks and much more. There is no better way to express your witchcraft side!


Why do witches hang decorations?

There are a few reasons why witches hang decorations. Some decorate their home to express and display things they like. And there are other reasons, such as hanging dreamcatchers to keep bad dreams and negative energy away. While sometimes dark, the theme is bewildering.


Do witches use hanging decorations?

Not all witches hang decorations; some are traditional and prefer to keep their witch business secret. But many witches enjoy expressing their style and passion for all witch-related things.


Where did wall decorations come from?

In the bible, witchcraft was recorded as early as 931-721 BC, so it's nothing new. The craze started in the UK in the 1600s and has continued growing. Even centuries-old witches hung decorations such as dreamcatchers, witch balls and talismans to keep evil spirits away.


How do you display wall display decorations?

Hanging decorations are typically hung from the wall or ceiling indoors and the wall outdoors. And can be attached using a nail or screw to hang them from. It's down to personal preference where you choose to hang your decorations. If you want to show them off, in the window or the living room would make a great place.