Welcome to our collection of exquisite incense stick holders and burners! Here, you'll find a diverse range of beautifully crafted accessories. All are designed to enhance your incense-burning experience. Our selection features a variety of styles, materials, and designs. We're sure to have something to suit every taste and decor. Whether you seek a minimalist, contemporary design or a more intricate piece. We have options that will captivate your senses and create a serene atmosphere. Our fragrance stick holders and burners are carefully crafted from high-quality wood, ceramic, metal, or stone materials.



What is an incense stick holder?

A fragrance stick holder or burner is a decorative accessory that holds and burns incense sticks. It provides a safe and convenient way to burn incense while adding beauty and style to your space.


How do scent stick holders work?

Joss stick burners have a designated space or groove to insert the joss stick. Once your joss stick's lit, the holder/burner allows it to burn safely. It will catch the ash and prevent it from falling onto your surfaces.


What materials are ash catchers made of?

Ash catchers, holders and burners are made from various materials, including wood, ceramic, metal, and stone. Each material offers unique aesthetics and qualities that can complement different decor styles.


What are the benefits of using a joss stick holder?

Joss stick holders/burners offer several benefits. They provide a designated place to burn incense safely, preventing ash from falling onto your surfaces. They add a decorative element to your space. And enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a serene atmosphere.


How do I clean and maintain a joss stick burner?

Cleaning and maintaining a joss stick holder/burner is simple. After each use, allow the holder/burner to cool down before gently tapping out any remaining ash. Or, you can wipe it clean with a soft cloth or rinse it with mild soap and water if necessary. Make sure to dry it well before the next use.