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How do you burn incense sticks?

Place your incense stick on your incense burner. The burner will collect the falling ash and prevent it from falling over. Then light the end of the stick until you see the end glow. If there is a flame after lighting, gently blow that out. You should see the tip glowing red, and the smoke will appear.


How do you use incense sticks?

To use your incense stick, place it in your incense burner. The burner keeps the stick upright but at an angle. And it stops it from falling over and collecting the ashes. Next, light the stick at the end. It should start glowing with a steady stream of smoke being produced.


How long do fragrance sticks burn?

The length of time the incense stick will burn varies. It varies depending on the brand and fragrance type. But it's around one thirty minutes to one hour. To keep your home smelling lovely, you only need to use one of two sticks per day. But if you have a large area, you want to burn more to cover it.


What are incense sticks used for?

They release aromatic essential oils when burned. When burned, it creates a lovely-smelling scent which is calming and relaxing. These oils can reduce stress and anxiety. And they can stimulate creativity, increase focus and aid in sleep. Many use them for religious and spiritual reasons.


What do fragrance sticks do?

Fragrance sticks are meant to be lit and burned. Once burning, it releases smoke containing aromatic essential oils. These oils have shown to have many benefits. Such as releasing serotonin in the brain and reducing stress. And air purification, anxiety relief and aiding sleep.