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What are witch accessories?

Witch accessories is a broad category which includes many accessories. These items may be helpful to a witch and their craft. Some examples are mortar and pestle, magic wands, cauldrons, crystals, herbs, dreamcatchers, and spell books.


Do witches need accessories?

Witches don't need accessories, but many witches use them to help them perform valuable tasks. Such as using a pestle and mortar for crushing herbs and spices. Or a cauldron for burning herbs such as sage.


What are some essential accessories for a beginner witch?

Some essential accessories for a beginner witch include a wand, an altar cloth, a set of tarot cards, a cauldron, a set of herbs, candles, crystals, and a book of shadows.


What should I include in my book of shadows?

Your book of shadows should include information about your practice. It may contain spells, rituals, correspondences, and divination methods. You may also have personal reflections, dreams, and relevant experiences. It's essential to make your book of shadows your own.


How do I choose suitable crystals for my practice?

When choosing crystals for your practice, it's essential to consider their properties and what you want to use them for. For example, rose quartz is often used for love and self-care. While amethyst is used for meditation and spiritual growth.