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How does black magic work?

Black magic spells like voodoo involve performing a spell or ritual, asking negative spirits and demons to perform a task. Because darker magic involves greed, harm and revenge, only negative spirits and demons are willing to carry them out.


How do you protect yourself from black witchcraft?

You can do many things to protect yourself from black magic spells. Carry protection crystals like clear quartz, black tourmaline, black obsidian, and black jade. Pray to your god or deities and ask for protection. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by white light, love, and protection.


What are some dark magic spells?

There are many forms of dark magic spells. Greed spells include money, wishes, wealth, and abundance. Revenge spells include hexes, curses, karma, and back luck spells. Love spells include marriage, breakup, binding, and obsession spells.


How do love spells work?

Black magic love spells work using witchcraft and dark magic. Black spell casting usually involves making offerings and sacrifices to demons in a bid for them to carry out a task. This is frowned upon by many witches but is still practised by some.


How do you do real magic spells?

You will need to set up your altar to do a dark magic spell. It's a sacred place to carry out rituals and spells. You will need some offerings to offer the demons, such as a cigarette, alcohol, or dragon blood. Once you have everything ready, you must call out to the demons and negative spirits and ask them to carry out your task.