Thank you for checking out our RF (radio frequency) Meters. RF Meters are not your typical ghost-hunting product. And are not yet widely used in paranormal research. But as we have learned, ghosts can manipulate RF. They can affect any electrical signal, including radio frequencies. The good thing about detecting RF is its long range. If a spirit affects RF, we can detect it from a fair distance. Static electricity is only detectable from a few inches away. All of our RF Meters are professional grade.

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What is an RF meter?

The RF meter is a device used to detect and measure radio frequency (RF) radiation. It's used in ghost hunting to detect potential paranormal activity.


How does an RF meter work?

The RF meter detects radio-frequency radiation's strength in its environment. You can change the sensitivity levels to your preference. And when it detects a change in RF levels, it will sound an alarm. Or it will light up to indicate the presence of potential paranormal activity.


Is RF meters reliable for ghost hunting?

The effectiveness of RF meters for paranormal research is a subject of debate. And there is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness in detecting ghosts. Or in detecting other supernatural entities. But, some ghost hunters believe that RF meters can be helpful in their investigations.


How do you use an RF meter for ghost hunting?

To use the RF meter for paranormal research, turn it on. And then walk around with it in a haunted area. If the RF levels change, the device will indicate this. You'll have to determine if it's due to paranormal activity.


Can RF meters be dangerous for ghost hunters?

RF meters are safe to use for ghost hunting. They do not emit any harmful radiation or pose any physical danger. But, it is essential to use them responsibly and with caution. You may startle or scare people who are not aware they are there.