Thank you for checking out our RF (radio frequency) Meters. RF Meters are not your typical ghost-hunting product. And are not yet widely used in paranormal research. But as we have learned, ghosts can manipulate RF. They can affect any electrical signal, including radio frequencies. The good thing about detecting RF is its long range. If a spirit affects RF, we can detect it from a fair distance. Static electricity is only detectable from a few inches away. All of our RF Meters are professional grade.

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Detect Ghosts with RF Meters

There are so many fun and exciting ways to detect paranormal activity - it's kind of like connecting to the other side with cordless phones.

If there's one thing ghosts do well, it's manipulate energy and with the right tools on hand, you can easily determine whether an entity is lingering around. RF meters are one such tool and are a must for any paranormal investigator.

The Power of Radio Frequency in Ghost Hunting

RF meters are often used to detect and measure radio frequency (RF) radiation in a room, home, or building. For this reason, it's regularly used as ghost-hunting equipment during investigations to detect potential paranormal activity.

An RF meter will not only detect radio frequency levels in a space but the strength of the energy too. Most devices will allow you to alter the sensitivity levels, allowing you to pick up on even the slightest fluctuation.

When a change in RF levels is detected, the RF meter will sound an alarm or light up to indicate the presence of potential paranormal activity.

Ghosts are made up of energy and are said to have the ability to manipulate the energy around them, which is why they're able to trigger devices that work with high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

How to Use an RF Meter for Ghost Hunting

An RF meter is completely safe to use during your paranormal investigations as they do not emit any harmful radiation.

Using this radio frequency device is very simple - just make sure your device is fully charged before you start your investigation. It's important to remember that this device is highly sensitive and can pick up on physical frequencies too. Your readings can be impacted by appliances such as microwave ovens and even powerlines.

It's best to turn off any Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi connections before you begin. Rather switch your phone to aeroplane mode.

Once you turn your RF meter on, walk around the space you believe might be haunted. The RF levels will show small spikes as you move around, but more intense spikes could indicate an entity is present.

What's great about using RF meters is that the frequency range is excellent, so you can even detect activity at a distance. This isn't the case with static electromagnetic fields, which can only be detected at close range.

Once ghostly activity is detected, you can use other devices to start communicating with any spirits in the room. Spirit boxes and EVP recorders are popular options and will allow you to have real conversations with the ghosts around you. An EVP recorder can even help you capture a spirit's voice, further adding to your evidence.

Eventually, you may also want to incorporate cameras into your investigations to ensure you have proof of your findings.

Don't forget to protect yourself prior to starting any paranormal investigations. You should also set boundaries with the entities in a space. Make it clear that they cannot harm you or follow you home.

Types of RF Meters

There are several great RF meters available to paranormal investigators, EMFields is one of the leading brands.

The Acoustimeter (AM11) Radio-Frequency RF Meter and Acousticom 2 Radio Frequency RF Meter are two top choices.

One of the most unique features of these two meters is that they have audio capabilities, ensuring you know exactly when an energy spike has occurred. They're also highly sensitive, adding to their accuracy.

The RadAware RD1 Pocket RF Radiation Alarm is another good option. It's a bit more simple, but just as effective. The device has LED lights and various beep sequences to indicate signal strength. Its precision and accuracy make it ideal for ghost hunting.

How to Pick the Right RF Meter for Your Investigations

When looking at different RF meters, you want to consider the functionality as well as your budget to help guide your decision.

A meter that allows you to adjust sensitivity levels is a good option as it will reduce the likelihood of electrical wiring and appliances affecting your readings.

Meters that produce sounds are also popular. They help paint a more accurate picture of the energy in a space, making it easier to understand where you should focus your efforts.

Most RF meters come with a built-in battery pack, which can last up to three weeks depending on how often you use your device. It's also important to keep the battery life in mind before you make a purchase - the longer it lasts, the better.

Lastly, don't forget to read through some of the reviews. This will give you a clear idea of what you can expect should you purchase a specific RF meter.

Popular Alternatives to RF Meters

There are several great alternatives to an RF meter. However, many ghost hunters use these extra devices with a radio frequency meter to increase the chances of capturing evidence.

A REM pod is a popular option. These pods detect static electricity around the antenna, alerting you to a ghost in the room. You may have even seen ghost hunters asking spirits to approach and touch the device to set it off.

There's also the option to add an element of fun to your ghost-hunting expedition. From paranormal music boxes and toy robots to REM pod teddy bears, these playful tools are also highly effective for detecting energy fluctuations.

Tools such as this are especially effective if you're looking to communicate with child ghosts. The playful nature of these devices is more appealing to them, especially when they can talk and move.

You can also take things one step further by monitoring temperature changes in a room. Ghosts are known to cause cold spots and a temperature gun can make it easier to pick up on this change.

As you become a more advanced paranormal investigator, you will get a better idea of the tools that you enjoy and produce the evidence you're looking for. Know that you don't have to purchase every tool you see. Even a small collection of ghost-detection devices and a camera are enough to capture compelling evidence.

Final Thoughts

If you're excited to try your hand at paranormal investigations, an RF meter is a good device to start with. It's affordable, highly accurate, and can help you determine which rooms to focus on during your explorations.

Just be sure to keep its sensitivity in mind and steer clear of any objects and rooms that contain a lot of appliances or are heavily wired. It's also important to keep the device's frequency range in mind as you may just be picking up on activity in a room two or three doors down.



What is an RF meter?

The RF meter is a device used to detect and measure radio frequency (RF) radiation. It's used in ghost hunting to detect potential paranormal activity.


How does an RF meter work?

The RF meter detects radio-frequency radiation's strength in its environment. You can change the sensitivity levels to your preference. And when it detects a change in RF levels, it will sound an alarm. Or it will light up to indicate the presence of potential paranormal activity.


Is RF meters reliable for ghost hunting?

The effectiveness of RF meters for paranormal research is a subject of debate. And there is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness in detecting ghosts. Or in detecting other supernatural entities. But, some ghost hunters believe that RF meters can be helpful in their investigations.


How do you use an RF meter for ghost hunting?

To use the RF meter for paranormal research, turn it on. And then walk around with it in a haunted area. If the RF levels change, the device will indicate this. You'll have to determine if it's due to paranormal activity.


Can RF meters be dangerous for ghost hunters?

RF meters are safe to use for ghost hunting. They do not emit any harmful radiation or pose any physical danger. But, it is essential to use them responsibly and with caution. You may startle or scare people who are not aware they are there.