Shop for a Spirit Box at SpiritShack! These modified radios have become very popular among people seeking to communicate with the unseen world. And especially to paranormal researchers. Also known as a ghost box, these devices randomly scan AM and FM frequencies to speak to the ghosts. Spirits can speak words via white noise. This makes it possible for you to communicate in real-time with the paranormal energies of your desire. No wonder they have been the favourite box in most paranormal films and TV shows! At SpiritShack, we have a range to choose from for your supernatural quest.

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Talk To The Dead

Ever wondered what it's like to have a conversation with a ghost? You're ready to ask the questions that have haunted you but are you ready to hear the spine-tingling answers?

You've heard the tales of ghosts walking through walls, rattling doors, and causing cold spots. But what if we told you they could speak with you through radio frequencies?

You've probably seen those daring ghost hunters on TV, wielding a mysterious device known as a spirit box. They're a key player in any ghost hunter's toolkit, and we're here to tell you all about them!

How Spirit Boxes Work

In paranormal investigations, radio-based technology has become a ghost hunter's best friend. Ghost hunters have tossed out traditional Ouija boards and adopted a more tech-savvy approach to communicate with paranormal entities.

Paranormal researchers and investigators use various gadgets when it comes to exploring the unknown, some are based on the idea that ghosts can influence things like temperature and electromagnetic fields. And then there is the belief that ghosts can manipulate radio waves.

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation which is key to spirit communication.

Enter the spirit box, also known as a ghost box, which is one of the most popular ghost communicators. Now, we know you're already asking: "How does a spirit box work?"

A spirit box is essentially a modified radio that rapidly scans through radio frequencies. As it does, you'll hear bursts of white noise and static. Now, it is believed that hidden among this radio frequency static and white noise is the voice of spirits.

But how? Well, some paranormal researchers - and enthusiasts - say that spirits can manipulate this static audio to form words or even sentences.

Naturally, not everyone (erm, sceptics) agrees on this. Some think spirit boxes just produce random noises. But is there more behind the radio frequencies?

Genuine Spirit Box Communication vs Random Radio Interference

So, how do you separate spirit chatter from the radio jabber?

Well, in an ideal world, spirit boxes would work flawlessly. But let's be real - ghost boxes aren't perfect. What we might think is electronic voice phenomena (EVP) could just be stray radio signals.

So, here are some helpful tips for the curious ghost hunter:

  • Listen for complete words and phrases: One telltale sign that the noise you are hearing is not from ghosts is when there are complete words, sentences, or phrases that escape the box's frequency sweep without being broken down. If it sounds just like regular human speech, you might have a stray radio broadcast on your hands.

  • Listen for uniform and familiar sounds: Human speech has its own distinct rhythm and tonal quality. When you hear words from the box spoken in a fluid, uniform tone, much like regular speech, it's a strong indicator of a stray broadcast.

  • Listen for a patchwork of syllables: Communication from the other side isn't a smooth, continuous flow of sound, especially when it comes from a spirit box. Instead, it's a patchwork of syllables from different sound fragments. When it sounds like a jumble, you're likely dealing with genuine ghostly communication, not radio noise.

Remember, spirit boxes use radio signals, so signals can fluctuate due to changing conditions. If a particular station suddenly gets an energy boost, it might overpower others. This can lead to the same signal being heard across multiple stations simultaneously.

Chatting The Ghostly Gab: How To Conduct A Spirit Box Session

So, you've brought a ghost box (plus a spare set of batteries) and are keen to communicate with the other side. We get it, it's thrilling! But first, you need to know how to do it.

Before you start, ensure you tick off all these boxes:

  • Fresh batteries - No one wants their ghost box to go silent mid-session.

  • Headphones or a speaker - For amplifying those ghostly whispers.

  • EVP recorder - EVP recorders capture any sound or whisper you might miss.

  • Decent radio reception - Find a spot with good radio reception for a clear session.

Consider equipping yourself with one of our ghost-hunting kits to ensure you have all the ghost-hunting equipment you'll ever need!

1. Set the scene

Start by deciding the focus of your session and the questions you intend to ask. Speak your questions out loud – it's like sending out a cosmic invitation for paranormal entities to join the chat.

2. A little paranormal protection

This one's optional but it wouldn't hurt. Consider incorporating a protection ritual into your session and request the help of your spirit contacts to ward off any unwanted guests from the spirit world.

3. Introduce yourself

Fire up your recording device and introduce yourself. Mention your name, the date, the ghost box model in use, and the session's subject - ghosts love to know every detail about what's going on.

Once you've tuned your radio band, either to AM or FM, say hello and ask any spirits if they want to communicate with you. Remember, spirits were people too, just in a different form, so treat them with respect and courtesy.

4. Wait after each question

Now, here's the golden rule: After each question or statement, give about 30 seconds to a minute for a response. Listen closely – you might catch their words in real time. If you hear something, repeat it to validate it during playback.

5. Keep the chatter going

Continue your chat, ask your questions, and listen for responses. A session of 10 minutes should do the trick, but you can extend it up to 20 minutes if the energy flow remains strong.

6. Wrap it up

As your session concludes, ask that any spirits return to their side of the veil, ensuring none are left hanging on our side after the box shuts down. Wait for a real-time response to confirm it's okay to close shop.

7. Review and edit

Congrats, you've completed a successful ghost box session! Now, it's time to review and edit. Load your recording onto your computer and use audio editing software to fine-tune your data.

Listen carefully, isolate individual files, and get ready to share your spectral discoveries with the world!

The Best Spirit Boxes For Paranormal Investigators

Now that you're armed with the know-how on spirit boxes, it's time to find the best spirit box for your paranormal investigations at SpiritShack!

If you're hungry for more communication with the other side, consider exploring other ghost detectors and communicators. There are even ghost-hunting apps that serve as a spirit box!

Just remember that there's more to your paranormal research than just a spirit box. Pairing it up with savvy tools like REM pods, an Ovilus, and EMF meters is a smart move for amping up your paranormal investigations.



What is a spirit box?

It's a modified radio used for paranormal investigations. It scans through radio frequencies without stopping and creates white noise. It's believed the white noise provides a medium for spirits to communicate through.


How does a spirit box work?

It's a modified radio that scans through various radio frequencies in the FM and AM radio spectrum. The purpose is to create white noise. People believe that spirits can use white noise to communicate by manipulating the radio signals to form words or phrases.


Can anyone use a ghost box?

Of course, anyone can use the spirit box. But, it is crucial to use it responsibly and with caution. Understand that the responses heard through it are not paranormal in nature every time. It may pick up broadcast radio stations, as well as walkie-talkie signals.


Can the Franks box be used to contact spirits?

Yes, you can use the spirit box to contact spirits, but there is no guarantee you can contact a specific spirit. Many people believe that spirits communicate through the device at their own will. And they may only sometimes be able to respond to specific requests. You may get random spirits coming through.


Are the voices heard through a sweeping radio paranormal in nature?

No, responses are not always paranormal in nature. It's vital to rule out any potential human-made sources of the voices before considering them as paranormal.