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Shop for a Spirit Box at SpiritShack! These modified radios have become very popular among people seeking to communicate with the unseen world. And especially to paranormal researchers. Also known as a ghost box, these devices randomly scan AM and FM frequencies to speak to the ghosts.

Spirits can speak words via white noise. This makes it possible for you to communicate in real-time with the paranormal energies of your desire. No wonder they have been the favourite box in most paranormal films and TV shows! At SpiritShack, we have a range to choose from for your supernatural quest.




What is a spirit box?

It's a modified radio used for paranormal investigations. It scans through radio frequencies without stopping and creates white noise. It's believed the white noise provides a medium for spirits to communicate through.


How does a spirit box work?

It's a modified radio that scans through various radio frequencies in the FM and AM radio spectrum. The purpose is to create white noise. People believe that spirits can use white noise to communicate by manipulating the radio signals to form words or phrases.


Can anyone use a ghost box?

Of course, anyone can use the spirit box. But, it is crucial to use it responsibly and with caution. Understand that the responses heard through it are not paranormal in nature every time. It may pick up broadcast radio stations, as well as walkie-talkie signals.


Can the Franks box be used to contact spirits?

Yes, you can use the spirit box to contact spirits, but there is no guarantee you can contact a specific spirit. Many people believe that spirits communicate through the device at their own will. And they may only sometimes be able to respond to specific requests. You may get random spirits coming through.


Are the voices heard through a sweeping radio paranormal in nature?

No, responses are not always paranormal in nature. It's vital to rule out any potential human-made sources of the voices before considering them as paranormal.