How does a Ghost Detector work? Many types of detectors are available, all of which detect environmental changes. They can detect many things, such as. Changes in electromagnetic fields, motion, electronic voice phenomena, vibration, humidity, air pressure, and more. So, the question is a complex one to answer. The EMF meter is the simplest type, which detects changes in electromagnetic fields. As spirits are made up of electrical energy, the EMF meter can pick up their presence when they get close. Things like the voice recorder can help you communicate with spirits.

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Ghost Detecting Tools

Ever wondered what it's like to chase the unknown? To seek out whispers and shadows in the dark? Welcome to the world of ghost detecting - otherwise known as ghost hunting.

Ghost hunting is a thrilling journey through the mysterious and unexplained, and ghost detectors are your key tools. They buzz, beep, and light up, capturing everything we can't see or hear when ghosts are around. Whether it's a spike in electromagnetic fields or an eerie voice from the beyond, these devices are designed to make the invisible, visible.

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Spook-O-Meters: What Are Ghost Detectors, And How Do They Work?

OK, you're probably picturing proton packs or maybe even Ouija boards - and while you're not technically wrong, we're talking about the real ghost detectors.

Sure, some ghost-detecting devices are not specifically designed for ghost hunting. However, they can detect changes in the environment and electromagnetic fields - things that ghosts are believed to manipulate.

At their core, ghost detectors are instruments designed to sense changes in the environment that might be caused by ghostly presences. Think of them as highly sensitive gadgets that can pick up on things we usually can't. It's like having a sixth sense but in a gadget. Cool, right?

So, how do they work? It's all about sensing changes - the kind you and I can't see or feel. These gadgets can pick up on variations in electromagnetic fields, which sound more like something from a sci-fi movie.

Then there's motion detection because if something goes bump in the night, you want to know about it. And let's not forget about Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). If you've ever heard a ghost story about mysterious voices caught on tape, that's EVP.

Ghost detectors can also sense vibrations, changes in humidity, air pressure, and more.

Ghost Detecting Gear 101

So, ghosts, spirits, and phantoms (whatever you want to call them) are believed to manipulate our physical environment. Now, how can you capture real evidence of this? Glad you asked! There are a wealth of ghost-detecting tools at your disposal.

SLS Camera: Detecting the unseen

An SLS Camera is a specialised tool for ghost hunters, designed to detect spirits that are usually invisible to our eyes. It works using infrared technology, making it effective both in daylight and in complete darkness.

Since ghosts don't typically reflect visible light, this camera fills the gap. It uses 3D mapping technology, allowing it to pick up paranormal activity that we can't normally see.

While some believe they can see ghosts with the naked eye or through a 'third eye' (a kind of sixth sense), an SLS Camera provides a more tangible way to detect these elusive presences.

EMF Meters: Catching energy spikes

If there's a tool ghost hunters and paranormal investigators swear by, it's an EMF meter - besides an EVP recorder, of course.

EMF detectors measure electromagnetic fields, which are believed to be influenced by spirits. When an EMF meter registers sudden spikes or drops in electromagnetic activity, it could indicate a paranormal presence.

Some of the most popular EMF meters include the classic K-II EMF Meter and the Mel Meter.

Beyond just detection, EMF meters can also facilitate communication with spirits. Investigators sometimes use them to get 'yes' or 'no' answers, asking spirits to interact with the device.

EVP Recorders: Tuning into eerie voices

EVP recorders are pretty cool tools. And EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena, which are sounds or voices from the spirit world that we can't normally hear. These recorders are made to catch these hidden sounds.

Some EVP recorders are made from old radios. They switch between radio stations quickly, making a kind of white noise. The idea is that spirits can use this static to talk. Ghost hunters listen to these recordings carefully, trying to find messages from spirits that weren't heard during the actual recording session.

Spirit Boxes: Chatting with spirits in real time

Spirit boxes, or ghost boxes, are like walkie-talkies to the spirit world. They're used in ghost hunting to detect EVP and communicate with spirits. The idea is based on something called Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) – the belief that spirits can mess with audio or radio frequencies to send messages to us.

Ghost boxes scan through AM and FM frequencies really fast. This creates a mix of sound bites, music, and static (white noise). Paranormal investigators think that spirits can use these snippets of sound to put together words or even sentences in response to their questions.

Temperature Sensors: Spotting ghostly traces

Temperature sensors are like ghost thermometers! Ghost hunters use them because it's said that spirits can make the surrounding air colder or warmer. Using tools like infrared thermometers, ghost hunters can spot these sudden temperature changes, which might just mean a ghost is nearby.

One of the coolest tools for temperature checks is the thermal imaging camera. This camera doesn't just measure temperature; it shows you a picture of where it's hot or cold. This is super helpful in ghost hunting because ghosts and spirits are thought to create these hot and cold spots.

Motion Sensors: Sensing paranormal phenomena

Think of motion sensors like invisible tripwires. When you're looking for ghosts, sometimes it's the little things, like a slight movement or a tiny vibration, that give you a clue. These sensors are perfect for picking up on that stuff.

Ghost hunters use them because they can detect movement that's too subtle to notice. This is really important in ghost hunting, where the goal is often to capture movement on video that just can't be explained otherwise.

Ghost-Hunting Apps: Conveniently tracking spirits

Did you know your smartphone can double as a ghost detector? Not every budding ghost hunter has money to shell out on ghost-hunting equipment. Thankfully, there are ghost-hunting apps that are just a click away!

These smartphone apps are specifically designed for detecting paranormal phenomena. They're packed with features like EMF detection, EVP recording, and even tools for chatting with spirits in real time.

REM Pods: Alerting to ghostly presences

Last on our list of savvy devices that can detect ghosts is the REM Pod. Short for Radiating Electro Magneticity, REM pods use lights and sounds to let you know if something spooky is around.

These ghost detectors have an antenna that sends out an electromagnetic field - like an invisible bubble around the device. When something with its own EM field, like what some believe to be the energy left from our bodies after we pass away, enters this bubble, the REM-Pod lights up and makes a sound.

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What is an EMF detector?

Many people theorize that ghosts are made up of electrical energy. Which is why the EMF detector is used to detect them. In places where paranormal activity occurs, there are often unexplainable spikes in EMF meter readings. But this is still pseudoscience.


What is the best EMF detector app?

The best and most reliable EMF detector app is called "EMF Analytics Pro" by SpiritShack. It's available for download on the Google and Apple stores.


What is a ghost detector?

It's a broad term for various devices that can detect ghosts. Ghost detectors have different sensors for detecting changes in the environment. There are EMF detectors, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, motion sensors, static detectors, and more.


Which is the best ghost detector?

The best detector is the K2 Meter, which detects EMF. The meter has 5 lights on the top, one to indicate if it's turned on and 4 to show the current reading. The lights indicate this when the K2 detects electromagnetic fields around the device. The more lights which light up, the stronger the field.


How do ghost detectors work?

In theory, the detectors work by detecting changes in the environment. They pick up changes in EMF, temperature, humidity, static, air pressure, vibration and more. It's believed spirits often alter the surrounding environment, which is what the detectors pick up.