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Welcome To SpiritShack

SpiritShack is a UK-based ghost-hunting equipment store, and we’re proud to have been able to serve more than 20,000 customers since 2019. We’re the largest and most successful paranormal equipment store in the country, and our around-the-clock online service means that we can tend to your needs no matter where you are or when you’re in need.

In fact, not having a walk-in shop means that we are operational all day, every day – 24/7, seven days a week! And, you don’t even need to leave your couch to find what you’re looking for. We cater to customers from all around the world, shipping our top-quality products internationally, so that paranormal investigators can make use of only the best ghost-hunting equipment.

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Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of being able to work with and ship equipment to some of the best and most well-known and reputable paranormal teams around the world – including the likes of Ghosts of Britain, Paranormal Files, Haunted Finders, and more! And some of our product have even been featured on some TV shows.

SpiritShack was founded in 2019 by Sam Ashford, who has in excess of 10 years of experience in the paranormal field and more than 200 paranormal investigations under his belt. For Sam, SpiritShack is more than just a business – it’s a means of doing what he loves and sharing his passion with like-minded individuals by means of enabling their pursuit of the paranormal.

While the business started as a small-scale operation, selling homemade equipment online via Amazon and eBay, it soon grew into a flourishing company with an incredible amount of demand – so much so that we could barely keep up. It quickly became necessary to bring more team members on board in order to be able to increase the volume of our operation while maintaining our high standard of customer service, and that’s exactly what we did. Sam is now supported by a team of three dedicated employees, working tirelessly to create top-quality products and provide hands-on customer service.

Sam and SpiritShack featured in the Chase Magazine and Rotherham Advertiser

We are the designers and manufacturers of some of the best ghost-hunting equipment on the market, and in addition to our commitment to creating effective and reliable products, we promise affordable prices and a focus on excellent customer service and aftercare too.

With more than 20 unique products on the market, designed and manufactured by the SpiritShack team, we are constantly looking to innovate and improve our offerings.

A few of our most popular products include the portable SLS camera, SpiritPod, HexCom (here’s an interesting article about it), and the SLS Cam Gold. We’ve also got some groundbreaking new ghost-hunting apps including DeadBox, Necrophone, Provoke, and Occult Dice.

Development and innovation are at the core of our desire to produce new ghost-hunting equipment, and our creativity is all inspired by our own work in the paranormal field. We understand the industry and our first-hand experience allows us to respond the needs of ghost hunters – we create products in order to provide solutions for real-life problems ad needs.

So, with our passion for the paranormal and our commitment to producing top-quality ghost-hunting equipment in mind, stick around while we tell you a little bit more about SpiritShack – meet the team, find out what we can offer you, discover what sets us apart from our competitors, and hear what some of our customers have to say about us, our products, and our service.

Meet the SpiritShack Team

SpiritShack started off as a small operation, founded by Sam with his partner, Kelly Woodcock, by his side. Initially, they started visiting locations that were believed to be haunted, taking along basic ghost-hunting tools to aid their adventures – things like Ouija boards and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorders. After their initial success, they decided to ramp up the operation.

Sam and Kelly started designing and creating their own ghosting hunting equipment, and soon, they were selling it on Amazon and eBay. As word spread, they experienced a dramatic spike in the demand for their products – so much so that they could hardly produce them quickly enough!

Sam Ashford and Kelly Woodcock holding one of our products

Thus, SpiritShack was born – a fully-fledged business designing and manufacturing ghost-hunting equipment all over the world. Going from being an Amazon and eBay sole trader to an officially registered company within two years, Sam and SpiritShack have achieved immense success in the industry in a short period of time, and the business is only continuing to grow.

As the demand for our products continued to increase dramatically, we decided that it was time to bring a few more people onboard to ensure that we could continue to create and innovate while still providing exceptional customer service.

Today, SpiritShack is run by a team of four passionate individuals – Sam Ashford, Owner and CEO; Kelly Woodcock, Operations Manager; Gerald Urey, Head of Sales and Marketing; and Leigh Ashford, Head of Purchasing.

It’s time to meet the SpiritShack team!

Sam Ashford: Owner and CEO

The origins of SpiritShack go all the way back to an experience Sam had as a young teenager – it was his first introduction to the paranormal, and it awakened a curiosity that has only grown since then. Fuelled by a combination of being intently inquisitive and somewhat afraid of the potentially unknown world of the afterlife, Sam’s commitment to the supernatural was born.

Sam holding a touch activated teddy bear and the PMB

And so began his research into all things supernatural – Sam watched every single paranormal movie he could get his hands on, from The Exorcist to The Dead Files. He learnt as much as he possibly could about mediumship, hauntings, possession, and exorcisms, spending every waking moment immersed in the world of the supernatural.

When he met his current partner, Kelly Woodcock (who we’ll tell you more about shortly), the pair started visiting reportedly haunted locations together, taking along Ouija boards and EVPs to try and record ghost activity. As they had more and more success, Kelly and Sam turned their passion into a profession, and started making and selling their own ghost-hunting equipment they had personally designed and produced. And, by 2021, the SpiritShack company was incorporated.

Learn About Sam’s Experiences

Sam’s passion for all things paranormal extends beyond just designing and producing ghost-hunting equipment – part of what makes SpiritShack unique is his love for sharing his knowledge and experiences. And, if you want to hear all about Sam’s first-hand experiences with paranormal entities, as well as learn about how to detect them and more, you can read all about it in his book, Ghost-Hunting Guide: A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide, available on Amazon as an E-book. He’s also appeared as a guest on various podcasts, answering questions about the supernatural and his professional ghost-hunting career.

Ghost-Hunting Guide - A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide (book cover)

In addition, Sam’s written and published more than 170 blog articles about all things paranormal, from specific experiences to guides on how to use SpiritShack’s equipment and more. He’s both willing and keen to engage with you directly, so that you can understand as much as you want to about the spirit world, as well as the tools and equipment that can help you bridge the gap between the living and the dead.

“Ghost-hunting has become a thrilling pursuit and a means of personal growth and understanding. By crafting high-quality equipment and providing guidance to fellow enthusiasts, we at SpiritShack aim to share our love for the field and assist others in exploring the supernatural.” – Sam Ashford.

Sam’s Credentials

Being curious and passionate is one thing, but designing and building ghost-hunting equipment requires real, practical, and technical skills. Sam Ashford has various qualifications that make him more than capable of producing technically proficient equipment, including various electrical engineering qualifications, as well as in information and communication technology and demonology too.

Sam soldering and manufacturing one of our products

Kelly Woodcock: Operations Manager

Kelly Woodcock, Sam’s partner and SpiritShack’s Operations Manager, has long been engulfed in the spiritual world, and her fascination with the supernatural goes hand-in-hand with her ability to communicate with paranormal entities. Kelly is a psychic medium and is able to relay messages from supernatural entities to the people around her. Thus, her incredible abilities paired with her passion for understanding and exploring the world of the supernatural left her and Sam with great shared interests.

Kelly Woodcock holding a pair of dowsing rods

But, Kelly’s skills extend beyond her abilities as a psychic medium. With a keen business mind, she’s in charge of SpiritShack’s day-to-day operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that everybody is happy – both customers and employers. Kelly’s in charge of business strategy, services, and operations, and she overseas much of what is done in the company’s other various departments, including the Sales and Marketing Division and the Purchasing Department.

“Being a psychic medium from a child, I have always been able to see and speak to them. This has naturally pulled me into this field, and it’s a role I thoroughly enjoy. With over 10 years (of) being a paranormal investigator and 20 years in witchcraft, I have learned a great deal. I apply my skills and knowledge to my current position within the company.” – Kelly Woodcock.

Her job covers a broad range of responsibilities – ranging from overseeing the design and manufacturing of current products, the innovation of new products, the shipping of products all over the world, and maintaining excellent customer service. Indeed, Kelly believes that with a rate of 98% positive reviews, we are, undoubtedly, doing something right – and we tend to agree.

Gerald Urey: Sales and Marketing

Gerald Urey is our sales and marketing guru, and he ensures that our marketing and PR strategies align with SpiritShack’s core business objectives – it’s his job to ensure that our marketing strategy is engaging and creative. He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business and Finance, which has equipped him with the technical knowledge and know-how to ensure that SpiritShack is competitive and that we’re reaching potential consumers. Gerald and Sam work closely to make sure that the company is constantly growing and developing, and that everything they do aligns with the company’s mission.

But, more than that, Gerald has found the niche of the paranormal fascinating, and it’s allowed him meet plenty of interesting and engaging people. He loves the fast pace ad creativity that his job requires, as well as the need to constantly learn more about all thing supernatural, in order to be able to successfully market our products.

Outside his professional work, Gerald is passionate about travelling and exploring new destinations. He’s passionate about immersing himself and cultures different from his own, and learning about other people and ways of life.

“I like to immerse myself in different cultures and experiences, and I enjoy hosting podcasts. It gives me the chance to dive deep into various exciting topics. I get to share knowledge and connect with like-minded people. These hobbies help me unwind and contribute to broadening my horizons. This fuels my creativity and passion for my role here at SpiritShack.”- Gerald Urey

Given his love of travel and open-mindedness when it comes to learning about new things and people, it’s no wonder that Gerald enjoys the challenge of broadening his horizons in his role at SpiritShack.

Leigh Ashford: Purchasing

Leigh Ashford plays an important behind-the-scenes role in the functioning of SpiritShack, ensuring that Sam’s visions are able to come to life in the best way possible. Her role includes sourcing, selecting, purchasing the products and parts necessary to manufacture SpiritShack’s ghost-hunting equipment, and it’s her eye for detail that makes her so good at what she does.

It’s up to Leigh to ensure that SpiritShack is using the highest possible quality products and parts, as well as to make sure that they’re ordered and delivered according to schedule. Her skills in logistics and management ensure that manufacturing can go ahead as planned, according to schedule – ultimately, Leigh’s planning and coordination plays an essential role in making sure that SpiritShack’s products are available and in stock as and when they’re supposed to be.

In addition to her attention to detail and logistical and organizational skills, Leigh has a knack for creating and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.

I enjoy building new relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, as I love to chat.” – Leigh Ashford.

This is an essential part of the long-term success of SpiritShack, as well as our reputation within the industry.

Our Core Values

With a small and intimate team of hard-working professionals, we believe that it’s essential to communicate efficiently and on the same page regarding SpiritShack’s mission and core values.

Sam Ashford, holding the portable SLS camera

Be Curious: Curiosity is at the heart of any successful business, and this couldn’t be more true for our work in the world of the supernatural. Ask questions, do research, learn new techniques, study our product, and most importantly, always have an enquiring mind.

Be Bold: Operating in an unusual industry, we must be bold in order to proceed. Don’t be afraid to try new things, make decisions, and be proactive.

Be Together: The only way forward is to work together. We are committed to supporting our colleagues, collaborating, playing an active and engaged role in the team, and having fun.

Be Better: Always strive to improve better. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, strive to be the best, and never stop learning.

Be Connected: Always make new contacts, embrace meeting new people, build and maintain relationships, and always try to see the bigger picture.

By constantly reminding ourselves of these values, are able to work together seamlessly to make our vision for the company a reality.

What Can SpiritShack Offer You?

At SpiritShack, we’re committed to constantly innovating and improving our services. But, what exactly can we offer you, and what makes SpiritShack different from our competitors?

Well, here’s what SpiritShack can offer you.

Broad Range of Products

At the SpiritShack, we don’t only have ghost-related products and equipment – we cater for all types of supernatural. Here are some of the things we cover:

24-Hour Availability

Since we’re an online store, we can offer our customers 24/7 service – no need to wait for operating hours. You can browse our products whenever it suits you.

Attentive Customer Service

One of the things that we place a lot of emphasis on at SpiritShack is customer service. It’s of the utmost importance that our customers get exactly what they want, need, and expect, and that we’re available to deal with all any requests and enquiries we may receive – and our reviews are a testament to this.

Our SpiritPod X1S

Affordable Prices

Not only can we guarantee excellent quality, but our products are available at affordable prices. It’s important to us that we can share our passion for investigating the paranormal with anyone who is curious, and accessibility is an essential part of this. At the SpiritShack, you can buy ghost-hunting equipment at prices that won’t break the bank!

Your Team with Experience in the Industry

At the SpiritShack, we pride ourselves on our experience with the paranormal. Between Sam and Kelly alone, we have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. This allows us to have a shared passion with our customers, but more than that, it helps us to be able to create products that we know are going to meet their needs and expectations. Because we know what it’s like in the field – to go ghost-hunting and visit haunted locations – we have great insight into what kind of equipment you may need and what will work.

We Design Our Products Ourselves

Since we design and manufacture our own products, we can assure our customers that our products are of high quality – in terms of their design, efficiency, and the materials and parts we use. By producing and designing our own products, we can also ensure that we’re making equipment that is actually useful.

Equipment That’s Been Tried and Tested

Several successful and famous ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have used our products, and you can see our products in action today:

Paranormal Content in the Form of Podcasts and Articles

At the SpiritShack, we offer more than just equipment and products for sale. You have access to Sam’s blog posts that will give you insight into just about anything you need to know about the paranormal, as well as his own experiences.

Opinions Based on Studies and Surveys

Everything that we do is based on not only on our skills and experience, but the research that we do into the paranormal and our industry more generally. We have conducted studies and surveys on what people think and believe about the existence of ghosts and the paranormal more generally, as well as different people’s beliefs on what happens when we die.

This research has helped us know what our customers want so that we can better cater to your needs.

Our Reviews and Testimonials

One thing that encourages us to continue the work that we do at the SpiritShack is the excellent feedback we receive from our clients.

Our Amazon customer reviews

Here are the stats:

Have a look at some of our favourite reviews from happy clients:

“Super easy transaction, very fast delivery and one happy ghost hunter with his gift. Thank you!” – Anthony Smith.

“Great customer service and very helpful with answering my questions regarding the SLS camera equipment and what I needed for it to work. Always quick to reply. Highly recommended for all your ghost-equipment, especially as many of their products are hard to find elsewhere! Top-notch selection and service!” – Scott.

“The range and customer service is superb on both fronts. If you are into paranormal investigations, then these guys are for you.” – Paul Anderson.

“I have purchased a few items from Spirit Shack and have always had excellent customer service and prompt delivery. Sam is always very helpful and knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to accommodate me when I bombarded him with questions relating to purchasing an SLS Camera. Thank you so much these are the people to go to for ghost-hunting equipment and advice.” – Paul.

We’ve also received excellent reviews of our some of our specific products, including the SpiritPodX1 and the SLS Camera Pro.

Arrived and SLS so easy to set up. Not used on investigation yet but as I live with Spirits!” – Christina Reddish.

“I purchased the spiritpod X1 and my son loves it! SpiritShack also provide ‘How to’ videos for ease of use of the equipment.” – Mrs. Heather Kim Tyrie

Our Trustpilot customer reviews

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Meet Our Team

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