About Us

Welcome to SpiritShack

We are fast becoming one of the largest Ghost Hunting Equipment stores in the UK. We don’t have a shop front; our business is purely online based. This helps keep our costs down and gives you better prices. We started out reselling products from other manufacturers, and now design and build many of our own.

Our Goal

Our primary focus is to offer you a quick and convenient way of sourcing all the major ghost hunting products you are likely to need. The paranormal field is constantly changing and methods of gathering paranormal evidence is evolving. We aim to stay ahead of the market and keep you up to date with the latest technology. Not only this we strive to provide you with excellent customer service from your initial enquiry to product aftercare.

We are Paranormal Investigators

We still manage to find the time to carry out our own paranormal investigations up and down the UK. This gives us the experience required to assist you questions on ghost hunting equipment. We also know which types of equipment and setups you are likely to need. If you want to pick our brains… please feel free.

We are Designers and Manufacturers

Our business is rapidly developing, and we now have our own brand and range of products. They have been designed, built and tested right here at SpiritShack. Some of these are products we felt we needed as paranormal investigators and either couldn’t find them elsewhere or they were not competitively priced. We have many new products in the development stage, so keep checking back as they will start popping up soon.

We are Dedicated

SpiritShack is a family run business, we work hard to offer you an amazing service and great customer support. We are always here to assist you on which products fit your requirements, and help using them once they arrive. We are constantly looking into new products to help your paranormal investigation team grow and thrive, and ultimately catch the best evidence you can.

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