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The SpiritPod is a ghost hunting detector that alerts you both audibly and visibly when a spirit is detected. The Spirit Pod emits an electromagnetic field similar to the RemPod, and detects if anything enters or disturbs that field. The SpiritPod is an interesting piece of equipment as it can detect anything living or dead. The Spirit Pod furthermore alerts you to the strength of the disturbance; the stronger the disturbance, the more lights will light up on the device and the louder the alarm will get to alert you of the presence which is invading the devices electromagnetic field.




What is the SpiritPod?

The spirit pod is a ghost hunting product designed by SpiritShack to detect static electricity. It features lights and sounds that alert users when static electricity is detected.


How does the SpiritPod work?

The spirit pod works by using a specialized sensor that is designed to detect static electricity. When the sensor detects static electricity, the device will emit lights and sounds to alert the user.


What can the SpiritPod be used for?

The spirit pod is primarily used by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators to detect static electricity, which is believed to be a sign of paranormal activity.


Is the SpiritPod easy to use?

Yes, the spirit pod is designed to be easy to use. Simply turn it on and wait for it to detect static electricity. The device will emit lights and sounds to alert you when it does. You can encourage the spirits to trigger it by asking them too.


How accurate is the SpiritPod?

While the spirit pod is one of the most sensitive static detectors in the world, the accuracy of the spirit pod depends on a variety of factors. Including the environment, and the level of static electricity present.