If you are a ghost hunter or paranormal researcher, an infrared camera is vital for your work. Infrared cameras capture images without using visible light. And can be used in darkness while still providing quality results. A standard camera will not pick up IR light. You’ll need a converted one if you want to film at night. When using your IR cam in the dark, it must get plenty of infrared light!

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What is an infrared camera?

The IR camera is a standard camera with the infrared filter removed. The infrared light filter sits just below the lens of the camera. This filter blocks the IR light from entering. With the filter removed, the cameras can see IR light. You can then use the cam with an appropriate light for night vision.


What does a night vision camcorder do?

The intended purpose of the IR camera is for night vision use. It can see IR light, which is invisible to the human eye. Allowing the camera to see in darkness where humans cannot. Using your cameras in conjunction with your infrared light would be best.


How does an infrared camera work?

The night vision camera works due to having its infrared (IR) light filter removed. Without the filter, the cameras can see using infrared light. We can't see the IR light spectrum, but it allows the camera to work in the dark.


Where can I buy an infrared camera?

We sell a range of infrared (IR) cameras here at SpiritShack. All of which are ideally suited for ghost-hunting purposes.


How do you make a night vision camcorder?

Making your night vision cam is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is remove the infrared light filter. The filter is a small piece of plastic or glass. This panel is located just above or just below the lens. You may need to dismantle the camera to get to it. Once you have found the lens, you need to remove this.