External microphones for your EVP recorder, phone or video recorder. They will give you a much better and clearer sound. Many built-in microphones in EVP recorders, mobile phones and camcorders could be better quality. And your voice and EVP quality will suffer. You can improve this by plugging in a high-quality external microphone. Which will give you much more and clearer spirit voices and general sound recording quality. You will also notice that if it’s windy or there’s background noise, your audio will be ruined. Most of the external microphones we offer have a microphone muffler. To reduce wind and background noise.

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Enhance Your Audio Recordings

Trying to get messages from the other side? Using just any old voice recorder will not do the trick here. When it comes to proving the existence of paranormal beings and communicating with them, our human ears need help in the form of an external microphone. Crossover into the SpiritShack realm and see which external microphone is best suited to your spooky needs.

The Importance of External Microphones in Ghost Hunting

In ghost hunting, the audio recordings that are captured need to be obtained from the highest quality devices. Disembodied voices are often not recognised at the frequency that most humans hear. When you are out in the field, many ambient sounds may interfere with your voice recordings.

It is, therefore, important for ghost hunters to have a quality external microphone in their basic kit. Recording voices from another realm is not easy, but luckily many devices can assist, amplify and enhance your findings.

External Microphones Available at SpiritShack

At SpiritShack, we have various options that you can choose from when it comes to external microphones.

3.5 mm Microphone for Camera or Phone

The high-tech 3.5 mm Microphone for Camera or Phone is perfect for smartphones and EVP devices. It is also compatible with cameras and PCs.

There is a decent covering over the mic which means that wind noise will be reduced but not eradicated. This is an active microphone and the sound that is recorded or streamed is boosted, clarified and amplified while background noise is deflected.

This is a perfect accessory for ghost hunting as it captures both high and low-frequency sounds. The microphone is readily fitted with a hot shoe mount and can be attached to a camera or tripod.

Most external microphones require charging but this one is battery-operated. So, even if the mischievous spirits drain your battery, you can just pop another one in!

3.5 mm Wind Resistant Microphone

The BOYA BY-MM1 can be used with smartphones, cameras, computers, EVP and SpiritBox recording devices. It features a hot shoe mount which can be placed directly atop any visual recording device, or placed on a tripod.

On a breezy day, in a rugged location, the audio quality is at great risk. However, the shock mount on this microphone ensures that any movement does not compromise your sound.

This microphone has a wind-resistant cover that eliminates any disturbances caused by wind noise and captures the low-frequency sounds emitted from paranormal entities. When paired with an EVP recorder, you further increase your chances of capturing disembodied voices with exceptional quality.

This mic has a cardioid directionality instead of multiple polar patterns. This means that the transmitted sounds are more focused from the frontal area of the mic and not the back, where the operator would be standing, further excluding interference from unimportant ambient sounds.

This external microphone comes standard with 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Amplified Vibrational EVP Microphone

The Amplified Vibrational EVP Microphone has been specifically designed to capture EVP recordings in real time. This means that you don't need to record, playback and decypher the audio during your ghost hunt.

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators can now save precious time by hearing high-quality EVP transmissions live. They also have the bonus of being able to respond immediately to the communication. This is what makes this a great gadget to use during live streaming.

This device can be plugged into an EVP recorder and used as a microphone with increased sensitivity. In fact, it's so sensitive that it can detect sound through walls thanks to its vibration sensor! Alternatively, you can make use of the earphones that come with this device by plugging them into the headphone jack.

Accessories to Enhance the Use of an External Microphone

To ensure you get the most out of your external microphone, you should consider pairing it with one of our ghost-hunting accessories.

EVP spike sensor

This clever piece of equipment is a great addition for those who want to add further credibility to their research. An EVP spike sensor features an integrated microphone and sound sensor which indicate audio spikes. It has a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery and comes complete with USB cables.

Camera rigs and stabilisers

If you are ghost hunting and recording audio and visuals go hand in hand. For this reason, the use of a stabiliser or phone rig is a handy piece of equipment. Your external microphone fits comfortably into the cold shoe mounts on the rig and is plugged into the headphone jack on your mobile device. This allows you to focus on your camera recording instead of fumbling around, trying to hold all your equipment.

EMF meters

If you want to capture disembodied voices, you are going to want to go to areas rife with spiritual activity. An EMF meter is a surefire way to find such locations. Allow the meter to guide you towards hot spots, and let your external microphone do the rest.

EVP recorders or apps

Your external microphone won't get you far without an EVP. Ghosts communicate at a low audio frequency which is not discernable to the human ear. These devices pick up what you cannot hear. If you find yourself limited as to what you have in terms of audio gear, you can download an EVP recorder app for Android or iOS mobile devices.

RemPod Bear

Sometimes, even the most advanced ghost-hunting audio equipment isn’t enough to draw out the little voices. If you are in an area filled with the spirits of younger children, you may want to consider using a Rem Pod Bear during EVP recording sessions. These bears are less intimidating and more appealing to the spirits of children. When used in combination with your external microphone, you can capture a clear sound of these meeker voices.

USB power bank

The last thing you need is for your audio gear or camera equipment to run out of power just as you are making headway in your investigations. Power banks come with USB cables to allow for quick and easy recharging.


An external microphone is a must-have accessory when recording paranormal activities. Without one, you are missing out on the low-frequency action, and the chance to gain further insight into the spirit world. These mics can also be used with any laptop or device with a USB input on your completed videos, live broadcasts and podcasts, or just for good old-fashioned ghost hunting!

Have a look at the mics available on SpiritShack or check out our YouTube channel for in-depth guides on how to get the most out of your external microphone.



What is an external microphone?

An external microphone is just a stand-alone microphone. You can plug it into any device with a 3.5 mm audio input jack. A laptop, phone, or EVP recorder, for example. Most external microphones do not require batteries, but some of them do. If it requires batteries, it usually means it has a built-in amplifier.


How do you use a plug-in microphone?

To use an external microphone, plug it into your device with the 3.5 mm audio jack cable. Most devices have the microphone symbol next to the port. Some external microphones need batteries and have a power switch. If this is the case, ensure you have fresh batteries and that it is turned on.


Do microphones require any setting up?

Most external microphones with a 3.5 mm audio cable do not require any setup. They may require batteries and have a power switch. If this is the case, ensure it has fresh batteries. And then turn it on. Plug the microphone into your device, which usually has the microphone symbol next to the port.


Can you test a microphone?

To test your external microphone, start recording on your device and tap the external microphone. If the input is displayed visually, you will see the spikes when tapping the microphone. If it doesn't show it, replay the recording; it works if you hear the taps.


How do you use an external microphone with an EVP recorder?

To use the external microphone for your EVP recorder, plug the microphone into the port using the 3.5 mm audio cable. If it has a power switch, turn it on. If it requires batteries, ensure it has fresh batteries in it. You are then ready to record a Class A EVP.