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3.5 mm Camera Microphone
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3.5 mm Microphone for Camera or Phone




Popular with ghost hunters everywhere, the 3.5 mm Camera Microphone allows you to capture even the lowest-frequency EVP signals.

What Does It Do?

The 3.5 mm Camera Microphone will give you perfect audio to enhance any video. You can use it to live-stream or record throughout your paranormal investigation. This microphone for ghost hunting is a favourite among TV producers. And with photography enthusiasts, home film producers and even home video producers.

This 3.5 mm Camera Microphone is a super-cardioid type pointing microphone. It comes with a 3.5 mm connector and a hot shoe mount at the bottom of the device. It’s a versatile piece of equipment you can attach to a range of filming equipment. You can mount it to your camera or smartphone rig, as most are compatible with 1/4-inch thread hot shoe mounts.

Having a high-quality microphone in your ghost-hunting kit is vital if you want to capture high-quality EVPs. Better sound allows you to produce better-quality YouTube and Facebook videos. Or higher quality live-streaming if that is something that you are doing.

Main Features:

  • Works in all environments
  • Hot shoe mount allows you to attach it to cameras and tripods
  • Batteries last a long time
  • High-quality sound
  • A highly sensitive microphone to capture EVPs
  • Designed to capture low-frequency sounds
  • It deflects background noise and records only what you need to hear
  • Includes a carry box for easy transport

How Does It Work?

The 3.5 mm Camera Microphone works by capturing both low and high-frequency sounds. It picks up a broader range of sound than the human ear can detect.

So, what is an EVP? An EVP is short for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It’s a sound captured on an electronic recording device that we can’t hear. Many people interpret EVPs as spirit voices from a paranormal entity. Ghost hunters consider EVPs to be a form of supernatural phenomenon. While recording with your iPhone, you may hear a human voice from someone not in the room. And you only hear it when listening to the footage, for example.



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