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Shop for Ouija Board Planchettes at SpiritShack! The planchette is required for use with an Ouija board, it's usually a hart shaped object with a hole in. Made of plastic, wood, glass, and sometimes other materials. All the Ouija board players place a finger or two on the pointer and ask questions. If successful, the planchette will move on its own (by the ghosts) and will land on one letter or number at a time, spelling out words. The letter picked should land within the hold in inside the pointer.




What does it mean when the planchette goes off the Ouija board?

There are a few reasons why the planchette may move off the board. It could be the spirit you are speaking with doesn’t wish to communicate. Or it could be a sign you’re a communicating with a negative entity.


How does the planchette on an Ouija board move?

There are a few theories as to how the planchette is moved. The first is that it's one of the players playing a prank. It could be an involuntary, subconscious action, where one of the players is moving it without their knowledge. Or it could be it’s a spirit which is moving the pointer.


Do you have to keep your finger on the planchette all the time?

Once you start the Ouija board session, it's recommended you don’t take your fingers off the board. If you need a break or want to end the session, move the planchette to goodbye, then remove it from the board.


What does it mean when the planchette does a figure eight?

It’s never a good sign when the pointer starts moving in a figure eight. It’s usually a sign you are dealing with a negative spirit or demon. And the session should be ended. If you want to carry one, just end the session, take a little break before trying again.


What can you use instead of a planchette?

If you have misplaced your planchette, there are other things you can use. Such as a coin or a light glass, which should work just as well.