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Our Ghost Hunting Kits are ideal if you are starting. And you still need to get equipment. The first starter kit contains the essential basics with a little discount. As you move up the kit range, the discount increases and more items are included. It can be pretty daunting when getting into spirit hunting. It can be daunting because there are many products to choose from. We simplify this process with our hunting kits. If you have no equipment yet, and have a budget of £240, we would recommend set 4. They are the products we would recommend getting first with that budget. I hope that makes sense!




What is a ghost hunting kit?

A research kit consists of multiple products for beginners. The kits contain the most vital items for starting with. And may include an EMF meter, EVP recorder and ghost box.


Where can I buy a ghost hunting kit?

We sell a range of kits right here at SpiritShack. Our kits start at around £80 with three products and go up to £1,000 with 11 items. Our kits have been hand selected for people starting. And you want to get into paranormal research.


What is in a paranormal research kit?

Most kits range in price and have varying levels of equipment included. You would expect to see an EMF meter, an EVP recorder, and a spirit box. Most advanced kits may have extras such as the PMB, Flux 2, and a thermal Imager.


How much does a ghost hunting kit cost?

The kits start around £80 in the UK and contain 2–3 products. More advanced kits reach the thousands, with ten or more products.


How do you use a paranormal research kit?

Each item in a kit is different, depending on which items are in your kit. Most kits will contain an EMF meter. You can use the EMF meter to look for electrical disturbances. They may include an EVP recorder and a spirit box for communication.