Our EMF Bear, Rem Pod Bear and Touch Activated bears have proven to be affective when trying to communicate with spirit children. Spirit children still like to play and are attracted to cute and fun looking toys. They are more likely to approach and touch a Rem Pod Bear than a strange-looking piece of equipment. We have tested the EMF Bear on many paranormal investigations with success. Our bears have been triggered multiple times on-demand showing intelligence. The Rem Bear is quite affordable, and works very well. It triggers if anything breaks the magnetic field it creates.

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Child Friendly Detectors

Ghost hunting is exciting, intriguing and a little scary at times, but it can also be fun.

There are countless tools you can use during your paranormal investigations and a REM pod bear is one of them.

These bears may be cute on the outside, but they're capable of helping you identify whether an entity might be present in the room with you.

How REM Pod Bears Work

Unlike other types of REM pods that detect static electricity, a REM pod bear is sensitive to motion, vibrations and temperature.

If energy disturbances are detected, your bear will respond with light and a voice, which can be eerie in the dark. Fortunately, REM pod bears such as BooBuddy have a friendly voice, which adds a light-hearted touch to your ghost hunting sessions.

When there is a change in the electromagnetic field, a REM pod bear will light up and give you a series of intelligent replies. Some bears will even ask questions on their own, prompting a response from any spirits that are lingering around.

In other instances, you can ask the questions to see if a response is channelled through the bear, which means you can use it as a form of Ovilus. Non-speaking REM pod and touch-activated bears are also available.

This intelligent ghost hunting tool comes highly recommended. You will often see popular paranormal investigators such as Twin Paranormal use them. They've even been featured in Forbes Magazine and Popular Mechanics.

All the necessary electronics will be hidden inside your bear, so it's a great way to communicate with children who have crossed over to the other side in a friendly and appealing way.

Making The Most Of Your REM Pod Bear

Before you start using your REM pod bear, make sure that it has a fresh set of batteries that will last you throughout your ghost hunting expedition. A green light will usually indicate that it's on, and your bear is ready to use.

Place your REM pod bear in an area of the room or building you're investigating to get started with your investigation. Your bear will now start talking and try and pick up on changes in your environment. It's important not to place the bear near any open windows or heat sources as this can affect your reading.

You also want to pair your sessions with a camera - night vision cameras are a great option. This ensures you can capture proof of your ghostly interactions and share them with your friends, family and followers.

How To Use A REM Pod Bear Safely While Ghost Hunting

Like any other paranormal device, a REM pod requires you to take some precautions. Remember, when you are using electronic devices or tools like an Ouija board to communicate with the dead, you are opening a door.

A cute bear may seem like something you can play with, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't protect yourself.

All too often, negative entities will present themselves as friendly or even children in an effort to get you to trust them. This becomes even more common when you're working with a device like a bear or robot.

Before you begin your paranormal investigation, surround yourself in a bubble of protective white light. You can do this while saying a prayer and calling on your angels and spirit guides. This can provide you with extra protection.

Should you manage to communicate with the other side, make it clear to them that they cannot attach themselves to you now or when you leave and that they cannot follow you home. Standing your ground with a spirit, no matter how friendly, will keep your energy field strong, which will provide you with more protection.

If you plan to conduct a séance, be sure to form a protective circle around everyone in your group. Your entire group needs to be strong to keep negative spirits at bay. It's also important to close out your circle again to ensure any portals aren't left open.

Similar Technologies For Ghost Hunting

You don't need to use a cute REM pod bear to communicate with children or any other spirits though - there are a number of other ghost hunting tools you can use.

EMF meters

EMF meters are a staple for all paranormal investigations, so you'll find them in most ghost hunting kits. These basic devices are designed to measure changes in electromagnetic fields, alerting you to the fact that spirits are around. Many investigators will communicate with spirits using an EMF meter by asking them to trigger the device in response to their questions.

Paranormal music boxes

Also known as PMBs, paranormal music boxes are fitted with a PIR motion sensor or ultrasonic sensor. The music box will sound whenever something moves in front of it. The eerie sounds are accompanied by lights, ensuring you know when it is triggered.

These music boxes can be another fun addition to your ghost hunting kit, giving you more chances to detect paranormal activity.

Ghost hunting robots

If you're a sci-fi or technology lover, this is the ghost-hunting companion for you. A ghost hunting robot has a built-in infrared sensor that is highly sensitive to motion. If motion is detected, it will move in that direction, which can help you pinpoint the most active paranormal spots in an area.

This unique tool is also great for communicating with child spirits. It looks like a toy and entities can manipulate the sensor, which is what makes it move.

Spirit boxes

If you regularly watch ghost hunting channels on YouTube, you have more than likely seen a spirit box in action at least once. By manipulating electromagnetic fields and radio waves, spirits can use a spirit box to communicate with you.

Spirit boxes are one of the best tools for having a real conversation with someone who has crossed over. At times, you may not even need to ask questions as entities often prompt conversations themselves using this device. There are also a number of spirit box apps that you can download if you don't want to work with an additional device.

Vibration sensors

Many ghost hunters will hear footsteps when they're investigating a haunted location. However, it can often be difficult to confirm the footsteps if they're very soft. This is where a vibration tracker can come in handy.

When placed on the floor, a footstep tracker will be able to detect vibrations and light up or sound an alarm to alert you. Don't forget to have your camera or microphone handy to capture the activity.


If you have a hunch that you may be dealing with child spirits in your home or a haunted building, a REM pod bear is the perfect communication tool. This cute ghost hunting tool doesn't have any complicated settings. All you need is a full battery, and you're ready to begin your investigation.



What is a rempod bear?

A rempod bear is a type of ghost hunting device that is designed to detect static electricity and energy disturbances. It is shaped like a teddy bear and has lights and sounds which is triggered when energy levels change.


How does a rempod bear work?

A rempod bear contains a built-in static electricity detector and is designed to respond to changes in energy levels. When the energy levels in its environment change, it triggers lights and sounds on the bear to indicate the presence of paranormal activity.


Are rempod bears reliable for ghost hunting?

The effectiveness of rempod bears for ghost hunting is a subject of debate, and there is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness in detecting ghosts or other paranormal entities. However, ghost hunters believe that rempod bears can be a useful tool in their investigations.


How do you use a rempod bear for ghost hunting?

To use a rempod bear for ghost hunting, you would turn it on and place it in a location that is believed to be haunted. If there is a change in the electromagnetic field, the bear will trigger its lights and sounds to indicate the presence of paranormal activity.


Can rempod bears be dangerous for ghost hunters?

Rempod bears are generally safe to use for ghost hunting, as they do not emit any harmful radiation or pose any significant physical danger. However, it is important to use them responsibly and with caution, as they may startle or scare individuals who are not aware that they are being used.