Our EMF Bear, Rem Pod Bear and Touch Activated bears have proven to be affective when trying to communicate with spirit children. Spirit children still like to play and are attracted to cute and fun looking toys. They are more likely to approach and touch a Rem Pod Bear than a strange looking piece of equipment. We have tested the EMF Bear on many paranormal investigations with success. Our bears have been triggered multiple times on demand showing intelligence. The Rem Pod Bear is quite affordable, and works very well. It triggers if anything breaks the magnetic field it creates.

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What is a rempod bear?

A rempod bear is a type of ghost hunting device that is designed to detect static electricity and energy disturbances. It is shaped like a teddy bear and has lights and sounds which is triggered when energy levels change.


How does a rempod bear work?

A rempod bear contains a built-in static electricity detector and is designed to respond to changes in energy levels. When the energy levels in its environment change, it triggers lights and sounds on the bear to indicate the presence of paranormal activity.


Are rempod bears reliable for ghost hunting?

The effectiveness of rempod bears for ghost hunting is a subject of debate, and there is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness in detecting ghosts or other paranormal entities. However, ghost hunters believe that rempod bears can be a useful tool in their investigations.


How do you use a rempod bear for ghost hunting?

To use a rempod bear for ghost hunting, you would turn it on and place it in a location that is believed to be haunted. If there is a change in the electromagnetic field, the bear will trigger its lights and sounds to indicate the presence of paranormal activity.


Can rempod bears be dangerous for ghost hunters?

Rempod bears are generally safe to use for ghost hunting, as they do not emit any harmful radiation or pose any significant physical danger. However, it is important to use them responsibly and with caution, as they may startle or scare individuals who are not aware that they are being used.