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Shop for Ghost Hunting Robots at SpiritShack! Our paranormal robots are robots that can detect the movement of ghosts. Using built-in infrared sensors allows them to see things we can't. The robots can turn left and right and move forwards and back. They will follow ghosts, which is handy for paranormal researchers. They work surprisingly well for gathering evidence on your ghost hunts. The robots' sensors are pretty sensitive. And pick up movement when other devices do not.




What is a ghost-hunting robot?

It's a piece of paranormal equipment which looks like a toy robot. It is purpose is to attract the spirits of children. Because it's a toy, children will be likely to be attracted to the toy. There are many motion sensors on the robot on different sides. Once triggered, it will make the robot perform various actions.


What does a spirit-hunting robot do?

It is a toy robot which has motion sensors around it. It is designed to attract the spirits of children to play with it. If they do, the robot will react to their movement and alert the ghost hunter.


How does a paranormal robot work?

It works due to the motion sensors fitted around the toy robot. If any hand gestures are detected around the robot, it will react. It reacts by turning and moving backwards and forwards.


How much does a paranormal robot cost?

The average price for a robot is around £120-£180 in the United Kingdom. While you may find cheaper models, a quality model will be accurate. You need to consider the quality of sensors and the sensor types.


Where can I buy a spirit-hunting robot?

We sell the robots right here at SpiritShack! Designed to attract the spirits of children, which interact when played with. You may find them on eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers.