Shop for a Ghost Camera at SpiritShack! We have a range of ghost cameras, which all detect them differently. We have your standard SLS, which sends out thousands of infrared beams to build a 3D map of the environment. And the full spectrum, which can see infrared and ultraviolet light. Which ghosts often appear in. And thermal imagers, which can see temperature changes. They work even if the spirit is invisible, as it can see the body of the ghosts due to its temperature difference.

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What causes ghostly images on security cameras?

There are many causes of ghostly images on security CCTV. Dust particles in front of the lens can appear as orbs or balls of light. And glitches in the camera's hardware and software can cause ghosting. Genuine spirit encounters can cause ghostly images as well.


What is a ghost camera?

A ghost camera is a general term for a device used to see ghosts. It includes full spectrum, night vision thermal imaging, and SLS Cameras (Structured Light Sensors).


How does a ghost camera work?

A ghost camera is a broad term which includes different types of devices for seeing ghosts. The other ghost cameras are full spectrum, night vision, thermal imagers, and SLS. Typically, all these cameras can see things our human eyes cannot.


What cameras do Ghost Adventures use?

They have used a range of different cameras over the years. This range of cameras includes full spectrum, night vision, thermal imaging, and SLS.


How do ghost-hunting cameras work?

There are different types of cameras, such as full spectrum, night vision, thermal imaging, and SLS. Typically, they can all see things our eyes cannot. They can detect heat, infrared light, and ultraviolet light.