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Kinect SLS Camera by SpiritShack
Ghost Adventures SLS Camera
Portable SLS Kinect Camera for capturing ghosts on video
The best SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting
SLS Kinect Ghost Camera

Portable SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting



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This SLS Camera is a perfect piece of ghost hunting equipment for beginners or experienced ghost hunters. It is sleek in design and easy to use, and excellent value for money.

The Spirit Shack SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting is also known as the V1 Kinect Stick man SLS Camera or Skeletal Tracker. This SLS camera for ghost hunting is the perfect addition to your ghost hunting equipment. Use it to see spirits that are not visible to the human eye, as it will show them on your tablet screen.

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Either download the required software onto your Windows tablet, or contact us, and we will be able to send the link for the preloaded tablet. We have been using and tweaking our prototype for over 3 months now, to improve its features and make the experience as user-friendly as possible.

What does the SLS camera do?

This SLS Camera for ghost hunting will work in all environments, whether it’s light or even complete dark throughout the area. Whether you see the most activity during the day or at night, the camera works perfectly at all times.

The Spirit Shack SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting allows you to see if there are any paranormal spirits within an area. The technology allows you to capture figures throughout a paranormal investigation. This is a premium SLS camera to take your ghost hunting to the next level as it allows you to see spirit forms which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

This Kinect SLS Camera uses infrared light projection alongside a monochrome CMOS Sensor. The sensor shows everything as infrared dots arranged in 3D formation. The dots allow you to see any depth and detail in the image, and therefore pick up any people or spirits within the frame as the software recognized human shape.


  • Pre-built – no assembly required
  • Portable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Can last 1.5 hours on full batteries
  • On/Off switch so no unload/load of batteries is required
  • Easy-grip handle to be held in one hand
  • Camera handle is also a fold-out tripod mount
  • Adjustable tablet holder to hold a range of different tablets (tablet not included)
  • Battery life of 1.5 hours
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Lightweight SLS Camera

How does the SLS camera work?

The Spirit Shack Kinect SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting sends thousands of infrared beams by using a monochrome CMOS sensor. The infrared light beams bounce throughout the room and are reflected off any object, whether it’s paranormal or not. The light beams are used to create a 3D image of all objects. The SLS camera then combines the information collected by the infrared camera along with the standard camera.

The software installed on the tablet (Kinect and Nite) then uses motion detection and object recognition to detect any human limbs and joints within the frame. This software allows the SLS Camera to detect any human form, whether it’s a person, or a spirit or ghost.

The USB lead connects your tablet to the camera. This is also adjustable, so you can pull it out or push it back in depending on what you need. The camera handle doubles as a fold-out tripod, meaning it is perfect to either walk around an area while holding, or leave it on the floor or a table.


  • Needs 10x AA Batteries – Alkaline, 1.5V (not included)
  • Needs a Windows tablet – not included.

How to use it

Connect your SLS Camera to your Windows tablet through the retractable USB cable located on the back of the device. Attach your tablet to the device through the tablet holder, which is adjustable. Once you have it plugged in, open the software on your tablet. Turn the camera on through the on/off switch, and you will be able to get going.

This camera is incredibly simple and easy to use, and is a great option for both beginner ghost hunters and experienced ghost hunters alike. This SLS camera for ghost hunting will allow you to see paranormal activity which is in the human form, so is perfect to use if you are hunting human spirits or throughout a paranormal investigation.

The tablet should be used exclusively for this device. Using the tablet for any other uses, such as to connect to the internet, could interfere with the software. We recommend purchasing a tablet for exclusive use with this SLS Camera for ghost hunting.

If you would like to know more about the software you need to download on to your tablet, or check out recommendations for which tablet you should buy, contact us for more information.

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  1. Rating

    Jimmy Scarberry

    Absolutely love this SLS Camera we managed to catch several skeletal figures with it on your first investigation

  2. Rating

    Ghost Hunter Ghoulita

    Can’t really say I got to use it much yet, but for the price it’s awesome.

  3. Rating

    Thomas Wilkinson

    Good equipment fast delivery

  4. Rating

    Lisa Smith

    Delivery only took 5 days and I love the SLS Ghost stick man detector, it really works.

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