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v2 Stickman camera USB and power cables
v2 SLS camera power and USB cables

V2 SLS Stickman Camera Power & USB Cables



The SLS Stick man Camera for Ghost Hunting is a popular and useful piece of equipment for paranormal activity. This listing is for the power and USB cable for the v2 camera (Xbox One Kinect Sensor).

What Does It Do?

The Kinect sensor for ghost hunting is an important and useful piece of equipment when carrying out a paranormal investigation. It uses infrared technology to allow you to track the figures of paranormal entities and translates those into figures with the software.

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This Spirit Shack V2 SLS Camera Power Lead allows you to connect the V2 SLS Camera to a power source, ensuring it will be working for the entirety of the investigation.

Both the V1 SLS Camera and V2 SLS Camera are great pieces of equipment for ghost hunting as they use similar technology as the Xbox Kinect software, which was designed specifically for tracking human movement and translating it through the software to stick figures, hence the name the Stick man Camera.

The sensor works using infrared technology and is therefore a useful component in any paranormal investigation, as it is widely regarded among paranormal investigators that paranormal entities are linked somehow to electromagnetic energy, whether that’s through being made up from it or simply being able to govern it.

It is worth noting that this kit is specifically just the cables that you will need to work the SLS Stick man Camera, rather than the entire piece of equipment including the SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting, and the Tablet. We sell the items individually or in a package, so make sure to check these out to decide if you would rather purchase them individually or as a package.

What’s Included

  • v2 Xbox Kinect sensor power and USB leads

What You Will Need

  • v2 Xbox Kinect Sensor
  • v2 Kinect sensor software
  • Windows PC, laptop or tablet

Main Features

  • Highly Accurate Skeletal Recognition (Stick man)
  • Facial Recognition
  • Facial Replacement
  • Infrared Night vision Camera
  • Depth Camera

How Does it Work?

SLS Stands for Structured Light Sensor, meaning that when this piece of equipment is connected to the SLS Camera and the tablet, it can track skeletal movement. This is because the technology was designed for the Xbox Kinect, and specifically tracking the movement of human figures when playing games.

When turned on, the Kinect sensor uses an infrared projector to show all objects in a 3D formation of dots, showing the depth and detail of the environment. Since the camera works on infrared technology, it is a great piece of equipment to use during the day or at night.

Since the technology is built for picking up ‘people’, it has been found that it can also pick up the figures of paranormal entities. It is helpful compared to other cameras for ghost hunting as it translates the images it picks up into figures, as the program recognizes the human shape based on body parts and joints.

This is an outstanding piece of equipment that will take your ghost hunting to the next level, and make your evidence of paranormal activity more conclusive.

How To Use It

To make sure you’re getting the most out of the Kinect sensor, make sure to follow these tips for optimal use.

If you are using the Xbox One Kinect sensor alongside the software and the tablet, it is important to use the tablet exclusively for ghost-hunting. If not, any other programs used on the tablet could possibly interfere with the functionality of the software.

Set up the Kinect sensor facing an area where you believe has the most amount of paranormal activity going on. It is a good idea to remove all objects from the area so that you are getting clear readings. Furthermore, it is a good idea to cleanse the area of all possible electromagnetic energy, so removing mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and any other devices you believe may give off an electromagnetic signal.

Once you have done this, leave the camera off and the area clear for 10–15 minutes so that the environment is settled. When you turn on the SLS Stick man Camera for ghost hunting, make sure the tablet and software is all up and running and working effectively. You may want to get someone to walk in front of the camera to see if everything is working, and you can pick up the figure.

Note: Figures which show up when using the Kinect SLS Camera are not necessarily of paranormal nature. It is up to the paranormal investigators’ individual discretion to decide if the readings are of a paranormal nature.

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