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Digital voice EVP recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation
Spirit hunting EVP recorder paranormal equipment
The best EVP recorder for ghost and spirit hunting

The Best Digital EVP Voice Recorder



The Olympus EVP Recorder is the best EVP Recorder currently on the market for ghost hunting purposes.

What does the EVP Recorder do?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP and disembodied voices usually occur at a frequency which is lower than the human ear can detect. This device will allow you to hear within that range, and record it. It is a highly sensitive piece of equipment, and will allow you to record any disturbances that may be heard within that range at a high quality to playback throughout, or after you have completed the paranormal investigation.

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The Olympus EVP Recorder is incredibly lightweight and easy to hold and transport, allowing you the option to leave it on a surface, or alternatively walk around the area which you are conducting your paranormal investigation in. It is sturdy and will last a long time alongside your other ghost hunting equipment.

The Olympus EVP Recorder is excellent for interacting with spirits and ghosts, and to get insight through asking questions throughout a paranormal investigation or when on a ghost hunt.

EVP Recorder features:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later), Mac OS X
  • Dot-matrix
  • Comes with a built-in memory of 4 GB
  • Voice-activated
  • 1040 hours recording time
  • Twin speed recording
  • 4 separate recording qualities
  • Stereo voice recorder
  • Conference recording and dictation modes
  • Playback the material at a fast and slow speed
  • A to B repeat function
  • 5 folders
  • Multiple uses – can be used as an MP3 player
  • Storage via Micro SD
  • Ability to transfer and play WMA files
  • USB connector is built-in

How does EVP Recorders work?

EVP Recorders have been used throughout research into the paranormal for years. What used to be a cassette situation has developed into something much more sophisticated. Paranormal researchers and ghost hunters like using EVP Recorders as they are also a great way to record your thoughts and musings throughout a paranormal investigation.

EVP can be a residual type of energy. This means that the clip happened at one time, and then replays itself over and over like a film. Paranormal investigators have picked up EVP’s like this, consisting of recordings of certain phrases that were once said often in a space by someone who has now passed. They call this a residual haunting.

There is also what is known as an intelligent haunting which can be picked up by an EVP Recorder for Ghost Hunting, which is when there is an actual spirit is currently present. For this type of investigation, it is customary to sit down in a group of four to six people, put the EVP recorder in the centre of the circle, and proceed by asking questions one by one to whatever is in the room. It is important to leave around 20 seconds after each question to ensure that the answer, if there is one, is captured by the EVP recorder.

EVP Recorder specifications:

  • Microphone is built-in
  • Speaker is built-in for instant playback
  • 72g Weight
  • Size: H10.8cm x W3.9cm x D1.68cm
  • Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Manufacturers 2-year guarantee Included

How to use the Olympus EVP Recorder

Make sure you achieve complete quiet in the room before you start. EVP recorders work best when you are working with other equipment which is silent, for example, a silent RemPod bear which flashes to alert you of any activity rather than making a sound. If you do have equipment that makes sounds, make sure it is placed as far away from the EVP recorder as possible, or even in a different area of the paranormal investigation, to get the most conclusive and clear EVP recordings.

Different researchers like to take different approaches when working with the best EVP Recorders for Ghost Hunting, such as sitting in a circle in one area and asking questions out loud, walking throughout an area while holding the EVP recorder, or simply leaving it on a surface to gather information.

After you have finished the paranormal investigation and have gathered the evidence from the best EVP Recorder for Ghost Hunting, you can upload the EVP recordings to a computer and use a program in order to analyse them. It is important to play the recordings in a number of different ways, such as fast and slow, backwards and forwards, and listen intently for any supposed disturbances.

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    Frank M. Gonzales

    This is the best EVP recorder I have used to date. I have tried many in the past with no class A EVP’s, soon as I tested this out at a local haunted place, I was getting amazing results.

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    I am happy with my purchase, I have caught a few spooky sounds ☺️ I definitely recommend buying this.

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    Highly recommend this voice recorder.
    Have used it many times.
    Really impressed with sound pick up. Great service.
    Would highly recommend “SpiritShack”

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