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Shop for Ghost Communicators at SpiritShack! Ghost Communicators are for communicating with ghosts. They are not just for detecting their presence. Suppose you want to speak with them to ask questions; you're on the right page. You can use the spirit communicator to gain information. We have different types, such as EVP Recorders, ghost boxes, and spirit boxes. And we have EVP Microphones and Word Generators. EVP Recorders give you clearer responses, but you can hear them live. Spirit boxes allow for live communication but may be harder to hear.




What is a ghost communicator?

A spirit communicator is a broad term. It covers any device which allows you to communicate with spirits. Examples include devices like spirit boxes, EVP recorders and the Ovilus.


How does a ghost communicator work?

A spirit communicator is a broad term used. Its describes devices which allow you to communicate with ghosts. The range includes spirit boxes and EVP recorders. Spirit boxes scan through radio stations without stopping. And will enable you to communicate in real-time. EVP recorders are digital recorders. They catch spirit responses, but you need to play it back to hear the answer.


How much does a spirit communicator work?

Ghost communicators cover a branch of products. It includes products which allow you to communicate with ghosts. This range includes spirit boxes and EVP recorders. You can pick up a manual tune spirit box for around £20. And a basic EVP recorder for £35 in the UK.


Which is the best spirit communicator app?

The best ghost communicator app is the EVP Analytics Pro. This app is a product from SpiritShack. It's available for download on the Google and Apple app stores. DeadBox and Necrophone are great apps for communicating with ghosts.


Do ghost communicator apps work?

Many ghost-hunting apps are there for entertainment purposes only. But there are some genuine apps which have the potential to work. The EVP Analytics Pro, DeadBox, and Necrophone are real apps. All three apps are available on the Google and Apple Play stores.