Take your temperature readings to the next level. A thermal imaging camera can assist your paranormal research. Thermal Imaging Cameras are valuable tools. And you can use them to help you catch evidence on your ghost hunt. Researchers believe spirits cause hot spots and cold spots. And many people feel these spots whilst investigating. The Thermal Imaging Camera is a window into the unseen. And you can see these hot and cold spots on the device’s screen. Night vision-ready imaging cameras do not use visible light. They use radiation to see well in the dark. This ability can provide you with tangible evidence.

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What is a thermal imager?

A thermal imager is a device which uses infrared technology. Its purpose is to detect and measure the temperature of objects. It can measure surfaces and living matter as well. It creates a visual image of temperature changes. You can use this to identify cold spots and hot spots. And any other temperature anomalies.


How does a thermal imager work?

A thermal imager works by measuring infrared radiation. It uses the radiation emitted by objects and surfaces. And this data can be used by the device to show temperature. The imager uses an infrared sensor to create a visual display. And you can see the temperature differences within its screen.


How are thermal imagers used in ghost hunting?

Ghost hunters believe temperature changes can reveal the presence of a ghost. They may use a thermal imager to detect cold spots or hot spots. And if you find temperature anomalies, you can investigate further.


Are thermal imagers reliable for detecting ghosts?

Thermal imagers can be a helpful tool. And are good at detecting temperature changes. People believe spirits can cause hot spots and cold spots. But this fact isn't backed up by scientific evidence.


Which natural factors cause temperature changes?

There are natural factors that can cause temperature changes. Examples are air currents, drafts and sunlight. And changes in humidity or barometric pressure.