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The Ulanzi U-grip camcorder stabilizer without attachments
Our Ulanzi camera holder with a GoPro, light and microphone attached
Close up of the cold shoes and mounting screws on the camera rig
Our camera rig holder mounted on a tripod
Ulanzi U-grip video camera stabilizer with a light and microphone attached

Ulanzi U-Grip Video Camera Stabilizer Grip



The Ulanzi U-Grip Camera Stabilizer is a versatile rig. It can hold your camera’s lights and microphone. It has a universal ¼ inch screw mount that allows easy camera attachment. Connect your Canon, Sony, or Nikon. The rig features three cold shoe mounts for additional extensions. Attach your lights, microphones, and other video accessories.

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U-Grip camera stabilizer features

  • Lightweight at only 288 grams
  • A padded handle makes lengthy filming easy
  • High-grade ABS plastic
  • It fits most cameras and video recorders with a standard 1/4-20 thread
  • Includes three Cold Shoe mounts for attaching video lights, flashes, microphones, and more

You can mount the U-Grip Stabilizer to your tripod using the female ¼ inch thread. The thread is on the bottom of the rig. It is lightweight, weighing only 288g. And it’s flexible enough to attach your camera and all its extras. The high-grade impact absorbent ABS plastic will ensure the longevity of this product. It’s perfect for any paranormal detective wanting to film their research.

Ideal for holding your video recording equipment

  • Ghost-hunting
  • Abandoned exploration
  • Surfing
  • Diving
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Vlogging
  • Weddings
  • Action videos
  • And more

There are three shoe mounts on the top of the U-Grip. You can use them to attach your microphone. Or you can mount your lights and other cold shoe-compatible extras. This flexibility allows for many choices for additional attachments during filming. It can connect to your GoPro or mobile phone but needs separate attachments.


  • Model: Ulanzi U-Grip Video Camera Stabilizer
  • Max camera height: 4.75″ (120 mm)
  • Weight: 288g
  • It fits most cameras and camcorders with a universal ¼ inch-thread
  • Tripod compatible: Yes (1/4″ female thread on bottom)
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Cold shoe: 3x Cold shoe mounts on the top side

Overall, the Ulanzi U-Grip Camera Rig is ideal for mounting cameras. You can also attach video recorders, camcorders and action camera lights. And extras like microphones, tripods, and camera accessories. Its versatile design and comfortable grip make it an excellent tool for any filmmaker or photographer.

How the U-Grip can help to film your ghost hunts

A camera stabilizer can be a valuable tool for filming your ghost hunt. When researching the paranormal, you may be moving around a lot. And you may need to walk through uneven terrain. Uneven footing may cause your camera to shake and produce shaky footage. A rig can reduce camera shake and create smoother, more stable footage.

When filming in low-light conditions, you may need a slower shutter speed to capture enough light. But, a slower shutter speed can increase the risk of the camera shaking. And may produce shaky and blurred footage. A rig can help to counteract this and make clearer, more focused footage. When using accessories such as lights and microphones, a rig can help balance the weight. And prevent them from becoming unbalanced and causing further shaking.

A camera stabilizer is a valuable tool when filming your ghost hunt. It will help you produce smoother and more stable footage. It will ensure your camera and additions remain balanced and secure. At the same time, you move around and explore haunted locations.

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