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Shop for EVP Microphones at SpiritShack! Our EVP Microphones are designed specifically for ghost-hunting purposes. They differ from EVP Recorders, as they are not for recording EVP's. They are for enhancing your sessions. The vibrational EVP microphone is very sensitive, it measures tiny vibrations and turns them into sound. You can use it with headphones to just listen to spirit voices live, or you can plug it into your voice recorder to record what it picks up. The Audio Spike Sensor visibly displays any sound it picks up as well spirit voices.




What is the EVP microphone?

The EVP microphone is a microphone which you plug into your digital recorder. Once it’s plugged in, the external microphone is used instead of the built-in one. The benefit to this is that external microphones often offer much better recording quality, so you can pick up clearer EVP’s.


What do the EVP microphones do?

Once the EVP microphone is plugged into your EVP recorder, it replaces the built-in one. External microphones often offer much higher quality recording, which will allow you pick up more EVP’s. If you are struggling to get class A EVP’s, using an external microphone is recommended.


Do I need an EVP microphone?

We recommend using an EVP microphone if you are not picking up many responses. And if the quality of your responses is poor. The external microphone will usually offer much higher quality recordings, and the volume of anything picked up will be louder.


Does a microphone improve EVP's?

The EVP microphone can improve EVPs in a few ways. Firstly, the volume of the voice will be louder. Secondly, the quality of the voice will be clearer. If you are struggling to capture class A EVP’s, we recommend using an external microphone.


How do external microphones work?

The EVP microphone is designed to be plugged into an EVP recorder. Your recorder will usually have a 3.5 mm audio input jack, which is where you plug the microphone into. Once you hit record, it will be capturing audio from the external microphone instead of the built-in one. Which offers a higher quality of recording.