Shop for Paranormal Response Devices at SpiritShack. The response device is a broad term that covers many ghost-hunting products. In other words, it’s any ghost-hunting product which a ghost can trigger. Examples include the K2 meter, which detects changes in EMF. The lights will come on once the K2 triggered, and you will hear the sound. Or we have the ghost-hunting robot, which is motion activated. And spirits can make the robot move.

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What is a paranormal response device?

Response devices are ghost-hunting products designed to detect spirits. These tools work by picking up temperature, EMF, and air pressure changes. Paranormal investigators use the devices to gather evidence.


What are some types of paranormal response devices?

Examples of response devices include the EMF meter, which detects EMF. The motion sensor device picks up changes in motion. And there is the rem pod, which detects changes in static electricity.


Where can I buy paranormal equipment?

We sell a range of ghost hunting products here at SpiritShack. You may find them from other online retailers such as eBay and Amazon.


Are paranormal devices reliable?

The devices can detect changes in the environment without issue. The doubt is if ghosts can change and affect the environment. Sceptics argue these devices are not proven to detect ghosts. But believers claim they have had experiences suggesting the opposite. The success of these tools depends on the user's beliefs and experience.


Can paranormal devices be dangerous?

The actual devices themselves are not to cause any harm at all. But, some people may become obsessed with using them to speak to spirits. Unhealthy use of these tools could cause you mental harm. And trying to talk to spirits can open doors through which entities may come.