EDI Meter for measuring and logging EMF, temperature, humidity, vibration, air pressure while ghost hunting
EDI+ meter for measuring and logging emf, temperature, humidity, vibration, air pressure paranormal ghost
edi+ meter for measuring and logging emf temperature humidity vibration air paranormal
EDI data logger, logs EMF, temperature, humidity, vibration and air pressure. This is advanced ghost hunting equipment
EDI data loggger, logs emf, temperature, humidity, vibration and air pressure on ghost hunts
EDI Meter for measuring and logging EMF, temperature, humidity, vibration, air pressure while ghost hunting
EDI Meter
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EDI+ Meter and Data Logger


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The Spirit Shack EDI+ Meter and Data Logger is the worlds most advanced EDI Meter Data Logger for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

What does the EDI Meter do?

This is the best EDI+ Meter Data Logger on the market. The Spirit Shack EDI+ Meter measures and logs the EMF, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Air Pressure of your surroundings. This unit is compromised of 5 different technologies for environmental detection, and graphing data logging.

The Spirit Shack EDI+ Meter is more than just an EMF Meter. It is an all-in-one tool for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation. It is built for paranormal investigators who want precision detection and data which can be thoroughly analyzed through utilizing graphs and spreadsheet logs. This is one of the most feature-packed ghost hunting devices, and it includes a range of new improvements which use the latest technology in ghost hunting.

It is widely acknowledged within the ghost hunting field that ghosts have the ability to manipulate our environment. This includes any changes in; energy, temperature, motion, pressure and more. To gain the most insightful evidence from a paranormal investigation, it is important for paranormal investigators to detect any changes in environment with exact precision so that they are able to review the results with accuracy and context. This EDI Meter was created to ensure accuracy, integrity of information and giving investigators immediate access to the data in order to review it instantly. The casing design of there device allows for long-term usage.

EDI+ Meter Data Logger Features:

  • EMF Meter with audible sound and dual readout
  • Graphing and data logging of all readings
  • Ambient temperature readout
  • Display of vibration sensor
  • Detection of pressure and humidity changes
  • Ambient thermometer to detect any changes in temperature
  • Multi-Use Display
  • Review results instantly on computer
  • Option to download free graphing software which translates readings into graphs
  • Air Pressure change detection

How does the EDI Meter Data Logger work?

The EDI+ Meter for Ghost Hunting has a huge range of uses. It is compromised of an EMF Meter with sound capabilities, Ambient Thermometer, Multi-Use Display, Data Logging, Graphing, Marking, Recording, Vibration Sensor, Air Pressure reading, Humidity and more!

Ambient Thermometer

The Spirit Shack EDI+ Meter contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time digital display. The unit also has LED light indicators which light up to alert you to any changes in temperature including spikes or drops. Can be used on Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Multi-Use Display

The EDI+ uses a fast-response display to show you instant and accurate readings from reach component. Press the button and get the reading from that particular sensor immediately.

Data Logging, Graphing and Marking

With the EDI+ Meter, you are able to see all environmental readings on one timeline. The device takes readings of all EDI+ sensors and records them to an SD card, which you can view later in a timeline graph or spreadsheet by accessing an online app or downloadable program compatible with Windows.


With the touch of a button, you can begin recording all environmental sensor data to an SD card. *SD card not included*

Vibration Sensor

The Spirit Shack EDI Meter for Ghost Hunting contains a highly sensitive geophone for detecting vibration. The device contains a built-in accelerometer which is programmed to pick up any kind of movement of the surface. This means even a small nudge of the table or surface the device is sitting on will trigger the device, and light up the devices LEDs depending on the intensity of the vibration.

EDI Plus Meter Data Logger Specifications:


  • Can detect Low frequency down to 10Hz
  • Milligauss readings are incredibly accurate, from 0-11mg
  • Benefit of Single axis
  • Indicator lights start to respond at approximately 1 milligauss
  • Light responds at various strengths up to 11mg
  • Speaker will respond at around 3 milligauss

Vibration Sensor

  • 3 Axis Accelerometer with high pass filtered output
  • Five separate indicator LEDs will set off at varying intensity between 0.0244G – 0.122G


  • Very accurate readings +-1 C from 0-65 C with 0.1 C resolution
  • Alarms LEDs sensitive to +-0.1 F change in < 0.5 seconds

Data Logger and Application

  • All of the data can be recorded to an SD card if preferred
  • The Min/Max values are calculated once per second and recorded on a log file on the SD card
  • CSV Data Log Format
  • PC with Windows required to run application, Mac is coming in the future
  • Open-source CSV data which can be applied to any charting, database analysis or spreadsheet software of your choosing


  • Accurate to +- 3 %RH in 20 – 80 %RH range with 0.1 %RH resolution
  • Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 3 %RH change in < 0.5 seconds


  • Accurate to +-1.0 hPa in 300 – 1000 hPa range with 0.1 hPa resolution
  • Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 0.15 hPa change in < 0.5 seconds

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  1. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

    Francesca C Wells

    To this day most likely the best paranormal tool you will ever find! It logs temperature, humidity, barometric pressure changes, EMF and vibration. Can’t say enough about EDI it’s insane!

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