Portable SLS Camera with tablet for ghost hunting
DIY Portable SLS Camera
SLS camera structured light sensor
SLS cam structured light sensor
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SLS Camera for paranormal investigators
Kinect SLS camera (Ghost Hunting Equipment)
Kinect SLS Structured Light Sensor Camera System
SLS Kinect Camera with tablet, software is preloaded
Portable SLS Camera with tablet for ghost hunting
Ghost Detector to help you locate spirits
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Portable SLS Camera with Tablet


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The Spirit Shack Portable SLS Camera with Tablet is an excellent choice for all of your ghost-hunting needs.

“This Portable SLS Camera for ghost hunting provides high-quality video footage in order to detect any paranormal spirit forms. This portable SLS camera is pre-built with the tablet pre-loaded, making it easy to use.”

How It Works

The Spirit Shack Portable Kinetic SLS Camera with Tablet works with infrared projecting technology. The infrared projector shows all objects a 3D formation of dots, showing the depth and detail of an environment. The camera’s advanced technology makes it an excellent pick for day or night use.

SLS stands for Structured Light Sensor, meaning it has the ability to track skeletal movement. The technology picks up ‘people’, or paranormal entities, as it captures joint structure and movements. It will detect these entities because the program recognizes the human shape based on body parts and joints.

It is an amazing piece of equipment which will take your ghost-hunting to the next level.

Key Features:

  • No assembly required
  • Simple to use
  • Quality build
  • Single-hand usage
  • Easy-hold handle with fold-out tripod stand
  • Small, lightweight & portable
  • On & off switch
  • Concealed cables

The Design

“It has been built strong and steady, and has an easy-to-grip handle that you can easily hold with one hand. The handle also folds out into a tripod, so you can stand your portable SLS Ghost Camera on the floor or on a table.”

To turn it on, simply flick the on switch, meaning you can also power it down without taking the batteries out – a stand out feature from other SLS Ghost Cameras.

Most of the wiring is concealed within the SLS Camera giving a clean, sleek look. The Windows tablet which accompanies the SLS camera has an ultra-slim design. A single wire is used to connect the SLS Camera to the tablet, which can be plugged in and out of the tablet depending on your needs.

Even for the ghost hunters who aren’t very technologically inclined, this kinetic SLS camera is simple to use and won’t take you forever to figure out. It works straight out the box, so minimal setup is required.

The Spirit Shack Portable SLS Camera with Tablet has the benefit of working in both high and low lighting. This means you are able to use the SLS ghost camera during the day and night.

All you need to get started using this SLS ghost camera is 10 AA alkaline 1.5v batteries (not included). Our recommendation is the Duracell Alkaline, which are not rechargeable. This is because this will not work with most rechargeable batteries, as they are only 1.2v, and hence not powerful enough. By using these Duracell batteries and the software exclusive to the tablet, this portable SLS camera will last from 1.5 to 2 hours.

This SLS Ghost Camera with Tablet is portable, lightweight and simple to use, and is a perfect addition to your ghost-hunting equipment. There’s no doubt you will catch some amazing evidence.

Tips for Optimal Use

To make sure you’re getting the most out of this Kinetic SLS camera, follow our top tips for use to ensure the SLS camera and tablet are working properly for as long a period of time as possible.

Use the tablet exclusively for the Kinetic SLS Camera system only.

We recommend that you do not connect the tablet to WiFi or install any updates on the tablet. This could interfere with the functionality of the SLS Ghost Camera and disk space.

Note: The figures which show up in the Kinetic SLS Camera are not guaranteed to be of a paranormal nature. The user must use their own discretion to determine whether the readings are showing patterns which could be of paranormal nature. Due to the meters accurately reading the environment and surroundings, there could be a natural explanation to a reading. Always rule out any extraneous factors before concluding that a reading is of a paranormal nature.

Top Benefits:

  1. Pre-Built: Unlike other SLS Cameras, The Spirit Shack Portable Kinetic SLS Camera with Tablet is pre-built, zero assembly is required. Simply take it out the box and begin using it immediately after loading the batteries.
  2. Ease of Use: The technology is incredibly simple and straightforward to use. It doesn’t take a tech genius to figure out, and as long as you follow our tips and take good care of the product, it should last a while.
  3. Lightweight Design: Sometimes you might find that it takes a while to get activity on the camera. Since ours is so lightweight, you will be able to hold it up for a long period of time without it hurting your arm. The fold-out tripod also means you can simply place it down if you do find your arm getting tired.

4 ReviewsStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

  1. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

    Bill Clark

    Thank you, I love this SLS camera. You can tell it’s been built to perfection, and has been thoroughly tested. It worked straight out of the box which is great for me as I’m not very technical. If you’re looking for an SLS camera I do recommend this.

  2. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating


    Thank you so much the set up works a treat. it works well i highly recommend to other buyers.

  3. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

    c/o Barbara Pollendine

    Arrived broken then SpiritShack expected me to glue and screw it! When I asked for a refund they didn’t hesitate to refund me in full and also for the return postage

  4. Sam Ashford

    We are sorry the item arrived broken; delivery companies don’t always handle things with care. We didn’t expect you to glue anything. We gave you three options, we could send the replacement parts with instructions to repair, or you could return it for a repair or a refund. As you asked for a refund, we refunded in full without question 🙂

  5. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

    Robert Richards

    I would recommend this sls to anyone as it is easy to use and im very happy with the product and it was delivered really quick
    Thank you guy I will be ordering from you guy again

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