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V1 SLS Camera Stickman Skeletal Tracking with Tablet

V1 SLS Stickman Camera Kit with Tablet




This V1 SLS Stick man Camera Kit with Tablet contains everything you need to begin hunting ghosts with your Stick man Camera.

What Does it Do?

The SLS Stick man Camera is loved by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators alike and gives you a view into a realm that would otherwise be hidden with the naked eye. The SpiritShack V1 SLS Camera Kit with Tablet contains everything you need to run the SLS Kinect Sensor Kit for ghost-hunting, including a tablet and the software had to use it, along with all the cables.

The SLS Camera transforms whatever is in front of your lens into stick figures as it was initially built for the Xbox Kinect sensor, which is used to detect body movement and translate it into an image. The software works using infrared technology and sends out infrared beams, which it then translates into an image once the broken or obstructed beams are sent back to the device.

The SLS Skeletal Tracking Camera Kit is an excellent all-in-one kit to use if you want to up your ghost hunting game and get something that will give you amazing imagery.

Main Features

  • SLS Stick man Skeletal Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Facial Replacement
  • Infrared Capabilities
  • Night Vision Capabilities
  • Depth Camera

How Does It Work?

The V1 SLS Stick man Camera works on skeletal and facial recognition technology, meaning that when it is connected to a tablet with the software on it, it picks up and translates the imagery and faces of figures.

It is thought by paranormal investigators and ghost hunters that paranormal entities have associations with electromagnetic energy, whether that be because they are made from it or can manipulate it in some way, such as by moving it. They can therefore be seen on the tablet whenever they move in front of the SLS Camera, adding another dimension to ghost hunting as you can see their rough size, shape and movements through the skeletal tracking technology.



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    Alice Archer

    I love the SLS camera kit thank you, I have used it several times now and have caught the spirits in my home a few times.

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