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Shop for Interactive Talking Bears at SpiritShack. Interactive Talking Bears are primarily for ghost-hunting purposes. They have multiple sensors which detect environmental factors. There are factors like temperature, EMF, movement, and vibration. Ghosts can alter and affect many conditions in the environment. And the bears will alert you of changes using their lights, sound, and talking. The talking bears will attempt to communicate with ghosts by themselves. They will ask engaging questions and try to get a response. They are advanced and practical tools for ghost hunters.




What is a talking ghost-hunting bear?

It's a talking toy teddy bear designed for ghost hunters' purposes. The cute and friendly-looking toys are less intimidating. More so to spirit children and younger adults. And they ask random questions of their own accord. To encourage spirits to communicate back.


Do talking bears work for ghost hunting?

A talking bear is no replacement for a paranormal investigator. But they are a valuable tool in aiding in gathering paranormal evidence. Bears such as BooBuddy will alert you when it detects touch. And it will alert you in the event of a temperature change. Or if it picks up EMF changes and spikes. If nothing happens, the bear will ask questions to entice spirit conversation.


How do you use the BooBuddy bear?

To use bears like the BooBuddy, turn it on and set it down. The bear will do most of the hard work for you. It will ask the spirits questions when nothing is happening. And it will alert you of changes in the environment. So, you can sit back and watch or film the events.


Why was the ghost-hunting bear invented?

The talking ghost-hunting bear looks like a friendly and inviting child's toy. Which spirit children will not be intimidated by and may try to play with. They come with EMF, temperate and vibration sensors. They are handy for picking up changes in the conditions around the device.


How much do talking bears cost?

The talking bears are for paranormal research. There's the BooBuddy, which costs around £500 in the UK. BooBuddy is the top of the line and has many environmental sensors. There are non-talking EMF bears and Rem pod bears, which are much more affordable.