Shop for Interactive Talking Bears at SpiritShack. Interactive Talking Bears are primarily for ghost-hunting purposes. They have multiple sensors which detect environmental factors. There are factors like temperature, EMF, movement, and vibration. Ghosts can alter and affect many conditions in the environment. And the bears will alert you of changes using their lights, sound, and talking. The talking bears will attempt to communicate with ghosts by themselves. They will ask engaging questions and try to get a response. They are advanced and practical tools for ghost hunters.

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Let Your Bear Do The Work

Imagine a talking teddy bear designed not as a toy but to bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world.

The talking ghost-hunting bear is not your ordinary plush companion; it serves as a charming, fun, and friendly device specifically crafted for paranormal enthusiasts to engage with spirit children. They offer a delightful and less intimidating approach to ghost hunting.

However, this bear does a lot more than just talk, it has a built-in EMF sensor, temperature sensor and a motion sensor as well.

Do Talking Bears Work For Ghost Hunting?

During paranormal investigations, this teddy bear takes centre stage. It has been fitted with sensors, lights, filters, and voice recognition technology.

This talking bear initiates conversations with the spirit world, asking questions and encouraging interaction. It also has some amazing features, such as:

Ghost friendly design

While this teddy looks particularly inviting to spirit children, it appeals to various spirits. Because its exterior seems more approachable than other ghost-hunting gadgets, it is more likely to attract those who would not usually interact in the first place.

Random questioning

The bear poses random questions based on the interaction it receives from the spirit realm, creating a dynamic and unpredictable outcome. Because the bear is fitted with sensor technologies, they respond based on what they detect in the environment.

If the bear detects a temperature change, it'll say:

  • Whew… it just got warm in here.

  • Perfect. Thanks for making it cooler!

  • Did you make it warmer in here?

  • Did you make it cold in here?

  • Did it get colder in here?

If the bear detects movement, it'll respond with:

  • What was that? Please say it again.

  • Aww. Thanks! I like holding hands with you.

  • He-he… that tickles.

  • I like hugs.

If there is no change in the environment, after 30 seconds it'll ask:

  • Is this your house?

  • Do you know your alphabet? A… B… C… D…

  • I like good stories. Please tell me one.

  • Do you want to hold my hand?

  • What’s your favourite toy?

  • What’s your favourite colour?

  • Do you want to play a game?

  • How old are you?

  • Do you want to be my friend?

  • Can you please make a noise for me?

  • Can you touch my tummy?

Spectral sensitivity

The talking bear has enhanced spectral sensors that detect subtle energy changes.

Its ability to sense these changes and react adds an extra layer of immersion to paranormal investigations.

Some of the other technologies installed in this teddy bear include:

  • Temperature detection

  • Electromagnetic field detection

  • Vibration detection

  • Movement detection

Talking Teddy Bear Price Range

BooBuddy is one of the more pricey talking teddy bears on the UK market, costing up to £500. However, its advanced ability to talk and generate responses without assistance makes it a worthy investment.

Here's some information on BooBuddy's specifications:

  • Fast response time

  • Includes a free carry case

  • Battery life which lasts 35 hours

  • A loud voice that can be heard from afar

  • Rechargeable battery

Caring For Your Talking Teddy Bear

It's important to remember that while this talking bear might look like a toy, it's best not to give it to young children. While a ghost-hunting bear has similar technologies to a normal talking bear, they do not fall in the kids' category.

Taking care of your bear is essential to keep your paranormal pal in tip-top shape. Here are some factors to consider ensuring your bear stays happy and chatty:

  • Have gentle conversations: Avoid raising your voice or using harsh language; remember, you might startle the spirit children. This will help to foster a calmer more inviting environment for the spirits.

  • Keep it clean: Now and then, give your bear a little cleaning session. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt that might accumulate during paranormal adventures.

  • Battery check: Just like humans need fuel, your bear needs a charged battery. Keep an eye on the battery levels and recharge it when needed. This ensures your bear is always ready for a ghost-hunting expedition.

  • Avoid extreme conditions: Keep it away from too much heat or cold conditions. A cosy, room-temperature environment is just perfect. Storing it in the box or case it came with is also ideal.

Paranormal Devices To Accompany Your Talking Bear

Ghost-hunting devices are highly sensitive and capable of detecting things beyond our usual perception. It's almost like possessing a sixth sense but in the form of a gadget or tool. Pretty fascinating, isn't it?

So, how do these instruments operate? It's all about detecting changes - the kind that elude our sight or touch.

Here are some paranormal investigation items that enthusiasts can use with their talking bear:

  • Spirit box: A spirit box is a device that scans radio frequencies. It allows spirits to communicate by manipulating the signals to form words or phrases.

  • Digital voice recorder: Used to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which are unexplained voices or sounds. If the spirit communicates back to the talking bear, you might want to document that auspicious occasion. It's not every day you see someone interact from the spirit world.

  • Ghost hunting robot: This device detects movement, indicates the presence of unseen entities, and also fetches things. It is a cool addition to the teddy, as both can playfully interact with the spirits and be touched or moved around.

  • Full-spectrum camera: A full-spectrum camera captures images across a broader spectrum of light. It is equipped with ultraviolet and infrared. These may reveal anomalies not visible to the naked eye.

  • Spiritual energy crystalsCrystals are believed to enhance spiritual energy and provide a focus for paranormal activity. They also cleanse spaces, which will ensure those in the physical realm are protected when the bear interacts with a spirit that might not be friendly.

  • Pendulums: Pendulums are often used for seeking answers or communicating with spirits. These can be used in conjunction with the bear to provide answers from the other side.

  • IR illuminators: Infrared illuminators enhance visibility in low-light conditions, revealing potential paranormal activity in darkness. Perhaps your ghost pal will show itself while engaging with your teddy bear.

  • Ouija boards: Spirits can move the planchette on the board to provide answers when asked, providing an additional form of communication.

  • Ghost hunting apps: Some smartphone apps can detect paranormal activity using sensors and algorithms. This will make pinpointing the location of your ghost so much easier while your talking bear engages with them.


The talking ghost-hunting bear crosses the border between the living and the supernatural, adding a friendly and comforting touch to paranormal investigations.

This bear is a fun addition to any ghost hunt, and might even make you aware of a little pal you didn't know you had in the first place.



What is a talking ghost-hunting bear?

It's a talking toy teddy bear designed for ghost hunters' purposes. The cute and friendly-looking toys are less intimidating. More so to spirit children and younger adults. And they ask random questions of their own accord. To encourage spirits to communicate back.


Do talking bears work for ghost hunting?

A talking bear is no replacement for a paranormal investigator. But they are a valuable tool in aiding in gathering paranormal evidence. Bears such as BooBuddy will alert you when it detects touch. And it will alert you in the event of a temperature change. Or if it picks up EMF changes and spikes. If nothing happens, the bear will ask questions to entice spirit conversation.


How do you use the BooBuddy bear?

To use bears like the BooBuddy, turn it on and set it down. The bear will do most of the hard work for you. It will ask the spirits questions when nothing is happening. And it will alert you of changes in the environment. So, you can sit back and watch or film the events.


Why was the ghost-hunting bear invented?

The talking ghost-hunting bear looks like a friendly and inviting child's toy. Which spirit children will not be intimidated by and may try to play with. They come with EMF, temperate and vibration sensors. They are handy for picking up changes in the conditions around the device.


How much do talking bears cost?

The talking bears are for paranormal research. There's the BooBuddy, which costs around £500 in the UK. BooBuddy is the top of the line and has many environmental sensors. There are non-talking EMF bears and Rem pod bears, which are much more affordable.