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EMF Analytics Pro

EMF Analytics Pro (IOS and Android App)



This straightforward but efficient EMF detector is just what you need! With its accuracy comparable to that of your device’s sensor, this application can help you detect EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) emitted by various electrical appliances, power cables, and even ghosts. Whether you’re a paranormal investigator or concerned about dangerous EMF levels in your environment, this detector is perfect for you.

What Makes EMF Analytics Pro Stand Out?

Our EMF Analytics Pro app goes above and beyond most other competitive apps regarding functionality and sensory data. The time-lapse graph lets you view the live EMF reading and previous readings. The app lets you switch between Microtesla (uT) and Milligauss (mG) measurement units. The minimum and maximum readings are also displayed on-screen throughout your session.

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The EMF strength level is indicated by the bright, large LED lights with various colours. You can turn the sound and vibration alerts on or off to ensure you don’t miss any sudden spikes.

For those interested in ghost hunting in the dark, we have included a torch option, so you can turn the light on and off. The X, Y, and Z readings tell which direction the reading is coming from.

EMF Analytics Features

  • Current EMF reading is displayed.
  • Previous EMF readings are shown on a graph.
  • Minimum and maximum readings are displayed.
  • Toggle between Microtesla (uT) and Milligauss (mG).
  • You can turn the torch on and off.
  • Large coloured lights indicate the strength of the EMF reading.
  • No ads are present.
  • You can turn the Sound and vibration alerts on or off.
  • The screen will not lock while the app is in use.
  • The user interface is well-designed and presented.
  • X, Y, Z axis is displayed, showing the axis where the strongest EMF readings are detected.

This application utilizes your device’s magnetic sensor (compass). The live reading is displayed using a line of coloured LEDs, providing a clear view of the EMF levels. Users can easily switch between Microtesla (uT) and Milligauss (mG) measurements with a toggle button.

How The App Can Be Used

The app can quickly measure magnetism and electromagnetism, the earth’s geomagnetic field, ghosts, and electrical devices. It can also detect EMF, magnets, metals, ghosts, and paranormal entities.

IMPORTANT: However, it’s important to note that this app relies on your device’s built-in magnetic sensor. If your phone or device lacks this sensor, the app will not display any measurements. If the readings are 0, it means that this app is incompatible with your device. Please refrain from placing your phone near high-voltage electrical devices like transformers, as they may damage your device. Lastly, use the app at your own risk.

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