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Custom EMF Pump Em Pump



Identify paranormal activity much easier by giving energy to the spirits or ghosts you are investigating.

This EMF Pump (also known as EM Pump) is the highest quality EMF pump for ghost hunting we sell. This EMF Pump is perfectly sized, and works by giving ghosts and spirits energy so that you can pick up a much stronger signal when investigating their presence.

Think of this EMF Pump as a power source for the paranormal. It effectively works by giving emitting energy to its surroundings, which ghosts and other paranormal entities can use to channel into their own energy. It’s great if you are picking up a weak signal, and can mean much more conclusive and clearer evidence of the paranormal, whether it’s audio or photo.

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The SpiritShack EMF Pump is perfectly sized, and comes with either a super bright blue or green LED light. It comes in a project box which is black, and 4 cm x 3 cm x 1.5 cm. The pump uses either 2 AA batteries to work. Buying this EMF Pump ensures that if there are any paranormal entities or energy around you, you will be supercharging them and able to get much clearer readings than when you are not using it.

What does it do?

Everything is energy, be it human, any kind of being or ghost. This EMF Pump has proven results to increase the activity of the paranormal, as by giving ghosts more energy, they can channel it into appearing or being heard. Our EMF Pump for ghost hunting is used by many mediums, who sweat through these kinds of pumps in their work.

The benefit of the Spirit Shack EMF Pump is that it is made with a motor/magnet combination. This winning combination makes the pump 10x better than other EMF Pumps on the market.

This EMF Pump gives ghosts and paranormal entities the ability to communicate much more clearly. It is a key addition to any ghost hunter or paranormal investigator’s equipment. Even if you have every EMF Meter under the sun, not having a strong enough signal for the readings means you will be unable to pick up a clear reading.


  • 10x better than other pumps on the market due to the motor & magnet combination
  • The best EMF Pump for optimizing the capture of paranormal activity
  • Simple to replace battery system
  • Emits a strong Electro Magnetic Field
  • EMF Field can energize paranormal activity
  • Use alongside an EMF Meter for accurate readings

How does it work?

This EMF Pump works by emitting a strong electromagnetic field into the area or room you are working in. The field acts by drawing in ghosts and paranormal entities to get better readings on EVPs, or capture footage of paranormal entities.

It works both indoors and outdoors. The benefit of this particular EMF Pump is that it works particularly well for spirits which have a small or weak signal, such as the ghosts of children or young people. The EMF Pump works with a motor and a magnet. The motor propels the magnet at high speed, and creates a natural magnetic field due to the oscillation.

These pumps have been known to work at multiple locations. Whether you are investigating the paranormal indoors or outdoors, the strength of the electromagnetic field this emits is sure to supercharge any spirit.

EMF Pumps are often described as a horn or alarm for ghosts and paranormal entities. They feel the increased electromagnetic energy and are drawn to it. This also works particularly well if you have a large area to cover, as it means ghosts will be drawn to the area you are working in.

How to use it

Set up the EMF Pump by first turning it on by the switch. You will know it is on when it displays a bright blue or bright-green LED light.

Make sure to position the LED light in the room or area you want to use it in. Then, grab your EMF Meter such as our K-2 meter or another EMF Meter of your choosing. Turn the device on, and see if there are any readings in this area. If you are not getting any readings, try to move both the EMF Pump and EMF Meter around.

This pump has been known to attract paranormal entities and energize weak signals.

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  1. Rating

    Christina J. Long

    Wow, this has completely changed my investigations, I just leave this running for 10-15min before calling out, and I get many more responses on my spirit box and EVP. Definitely worth using if you’re not getting much evidence!

  2. Rating

    Bryan Young

    Great product and very quiet compared to others I have used in the past. Small and compact and has a small red light, so you don’t accidentally stand on it when doing an investigation in the dark.

  3. Rating

    Matt Bateson

    Can’t wait to use and get some good results

  4. Rating

    Michelle F.

    Excellent service fast delivery this is for my partner as a present he’s going to love it will definitely be buying from spirit shack again

  5. Rating


    Wow!! What an amazing product! I have used this a couple of times now and the difference in activity is astounding! This is well worth buying! Incredibly happy with postage, packaging, price and quality of the product!

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