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Ghost Hunter

About The Ghost Hunter

The Ghost Hunter is a UK TV series aimed at younger viewers. It was created for the BBC, based on The Ghost Hunter books written by Ivan Jones.

This spooky show about ghost hunters first hit British TV screens in 2000 and the last episode aired in 2002.

Today, there are still repeats on both BBC and CBBC, as well as in other countries across the world.

What Is The Ghost Hunter About?

The Ghost Hunter follows Mrs Croker – the ghost hunter – and her assistant DeSniff as they try to track down the ghost of a Victorian-era shoe shine boy, William Povey. Mrs Croker hates all ghosts, but William is her ultimate nemesis.

William appears in the room of Roddy, who has sympathy for the young ghost and decides to help him. Roddy and his sister, Tessa, swear to protect William from the evil ghost hunters.

At first, you think Mrs Croker is only collecting ghosts because she hates paranormal activity, but it becomes clear that she is trying to capture them to use their spectral energy for her own sinister purposes. She is attempting to pass through time and discover everlasting life!

William has a high spectral energy, which makes him a very tempting target.

Both Roddy and Tessa have “second sight”, which means they can see ghosts. In the ongoing battles with Mrs Croker and De Sniff, the trio becomes great friends and has many adventures together.

Characters in the series

  • William Povey (Lee Godwin) – He is the main protagonist, a ghost from the Victorian era who used to be a shoe shine boy.
  • Roddy Oliver (William Theakston) – He is William’s close friend who can see paranormal activity thanks to his ability called “second sight”. He can also talk to ghosts.
  • Tessa Oliver (Verity-Jane Dearsley) – She is Roddy’s sister and also William’s friend. She finds she has second sight as the series progresses.
  • Mrs Croker (Jean Marsh) – Beware, the Ghost Hunter! Mrs Croker is the antagonist in the series. She hates all ghosts and tries to capture them, using her ghost-hunting equipment to harness their energy and escape death.
  • Clarence DeSniff (Richard Hanson) – He is part of the ghost hunters team and the assistant to Mrs Croker.
  • Mr & Mrs Oliver (John McAndrew & Tracy Brabin) – The parents of Roddy and Tessa.
  • Leo (Eddie Brown) – Roddy’s son from 2027 who inherits his second sight.
  • Bex (Kelly Salmon) – Roddy’s daughter from 2027 who inherits his second sight.
  • Professor Darcy (Andrew Havill) – He is part of the ghost hunters team in series three. He is a Victorian inventor.

The Ghost Hunter Seasons

The show had three series between 2000 and 2002:

Series one

Most of the show takes place in the school and village where Roddy and Tessa live. The Ghost Hunter is most active here.

The children do not yet know who the Ghost Hunter is and need to figure it out to protect William.

They only discover that it’s Mrs Croker once she shows up at Roddy’s house, armed with her ghost-immobilising vapour, which she can use to freeze and shrink ghosts. Luckily, William manages to escape!

When Mrs Croker catches wind of the Annual Ghost Meeting at Chillwood Castle, she sets off with DeSniff to capture as many ghosts as possible. But, her plan is foiled when her timing is off – she attempts to catch the ghosts while they are in the middle of a celebration where they inhabit their human bodies!

As Chillwood Castle falls, Mrs Croker falls with it, but DeSniff manages to escape.

Series Two

Series two makes it feel like you stepped right into a haunted house, with a more sinister story.

Mrs Croker was presumed dead after the fall of Chillwood Castle, but DeSniff discovers she survived. The evil Ghost Hunter can return to her sinister work in an old house, called Deadlock Hall.

Things take a turn when her demonic energy kicks in, and she creates the “specktrika” machine that can pull ghosts towards it.

The ghost hunters team captures enough ghosts to power up their time-travelling machine, which they used to travel back to the Victorian era. William, beware! She is coming for you!

Series Three

The final instalment of the show sees the Ghost Hunter team join forces with Professor Darcy in the Victorian age. Together, they hatch a plan to harvest as much spectral energy as possible.

They return to the modern age, where 25 years have passed and Roddy and Tessa are all grown up in the year 2027.

Roddy has two children, Leo and Bex, who have inherited his second sight abilities. They question him about his old adventures with William and Mrs Croker. William tries to visit Roddy, but Roddy has lost his second sight and can no longer see him. Fortunately, Roddy’s kids can, and so William makes new friends.

This series includes a lot of time travel from the modern day to the Victorian era, and the course of history is altered forever when Roddy saves a Victorian baby (Albert Povey) who is returned to his own era by Leo and Bex.

Without giving too much away (no spoilers!), there is a Ghost School that is altered by time travel into a hospital, Mrs Croker and Professor Darcy make a lot of money through their time travel but a disgruntled DeSniff donates it all… and Roddy gets to see William one last time.

What Makes The Ghost Hunter A Great Show For Younger Viewers?

Despite its spooky themes and ghoulish guest stars, this television show is aimed at younger viewers and was loved by many kids across the country. Kids on the hunt for a great show to watch at night will love The Ghost Hunter for these reasons:

  • Friendly ghosts: Although there are a few scary moments, the ghosts themselves are friendly and quirky.
  • Lots of mystery: The show always keeps you guessing by combining adventure and the supernatural as the main trio helps ghosts solve their issues while escaping the clutches of Mrs Croker.
  • Positive themes: The main themes of the show are friendship, acceptance and helping others.
  • Age-appropriate: Although there are some very scary moments for young kids, these are few and far between. There are no graphic or horror scenes.


Is The Ghost Hunter too scary for small children?

When you watch it yourself and read other reviews, you will find that The Ghost Hunter is perfectly age-appropriate! But it is up to parents and guardians to review a few episodes themselves first before letting their kids watch it. It is considered a family-friendly show. As one reviewer on IMDB says, “The kids will love it… and so will the students.

Where was The Ghost Hunter filmed?

There isn’t a lot of information on the series’ location. School scenes were filled at St. Laurence School in Wiltshire, and castle scenes were filed at Berkeley Castle in the Cotswolds.

Which other ghost hunting shows can I watch?

There are many thrilling ghost-hunting TV shows, Paranormal Lockdown, Most Haunted and Help! My House Is Haunted.

Final Thoughts

The Ghost Hunter has stood the test of time, becoming a much-loved television series in the country and beyond.

Despite the last series airing in 2002, repeats are still aired on CBBC and BBC today, allowing the whole family to enjoy this paranormal adventure!


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