Portable infrasound generator demon attracter
Portable infrasound generator battery operated for ghost huting
Infrasound generator portable battery operated for ghost hunting equipment
Portable infrasound generator demon attracter
EMF Pump

GHOST (Infrasound Generator 1-20Hz)


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This is GHOST, the worlds first portable battery-operated Infrasound Generator. It’s designed for attracting and provoking demons, using low frequency sound in the 1-20Hz range. The Infrasound Demon Attracter has a power button, volume up, volume down, frequency up and frequency down buttons. It’s fully chargeable using the supplied USB cable.

SpiritShack GHOST Infrasound Generator

The SpiritShack GHOST Infrasound Generator is designed specifically for attracting, and providing demonic activity. Demons are low vibrational entities, and many haunted locations with demonic activity emit low frequency sound below the 20Hz range. By mimicking the type of environment they thrive in, it will increase the chances of something demonic coming forward or happening. We don’t recommend using this in your own home in case it attracts something you can’t get rid of.

Infrasound Generator vs the EMF Pump

The EMF Pump doesn’t actually make a place haunted or attract anything, it literally just offers a power source for spirits and demons to use. The generator actually creates low vibrational sounds, which is one of the things demons are attracted too. As well as death, traumatic incidents, drugs, witchcraft etc.

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What is Infrasound?

Infrasound is defined as low frequency noise below the frequency of 20Hz. There is a common misconception that people can’t hear infrasound, this isn’t actually true. Humans have been known to hear as low as 1.5Hz. If you are unable to hear it, you can often feel it, like the vibrations from a subwoofer. Over the past 40 years, low-frequency noise and infrasound have attracted a great deal of adverse publicity on their effects on health.

Infrasound Generator Features

  • Built in rechargeable battery (comes with USB cable to charge)
  • Adjustable frequency 1Hz – 15,000Hz
  • Adjustable volume
  • Portable so it can be taken on ghost hunts
  • LCD screen to show current settings
  • Very loud speaker to cover large rooms
  • Attracts demons and provokes demonic activity

Infrasound and the Effect on Humans

Infrasound has a negative effect on humans, primarily it causes fear. Secondly it causes other feelings such as anxiety, sorrow, chills, nervousness, headache and revulsion. As the human stomach runs on low frequency, around the 16Hz range can cause bowel movements. Some of these symptoms may occur in under one hour of being exposed to the Infrasound Generator. Please bear this in mind and turn if off if your experience any negative side effects.

Infrasound in Nature

Infrasound does occur in nature, it is given off by earthquakes, thunderstorms and by Elephants. You can find Infrasound in many notorious haunted locations, which is still unexplained. This may just be earthly vibrations, but it’s strange how many locations with demonic activity also has unexplainable infrasound.

Alternative uses for the Generator

Because the Infrasound Generator frequency can be changed, it can also be used to outputting high frequency noise. All the way up to 15,000Hz. Which makes it ideal for meditating and opening up your third eye. Your third eye and mediumship rely on high vibrational energy, and by using high vibrational frequencies you can stimulate the third eye. May also be useful for attracting positive energy and angels using very high ranges.

Package Contents

  • 1x GHOST Infrasound Generator
  • 1x USB cable for charging

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