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Battery operated low frequency sound generator
SpiritShack portable infrasound generator demon attracter

GHOST (Infrasound Generator 1-20Hz)



Introducing the SpiritShack GHOST Infrasound Generator – the world’s first portable, battery-operated device that uses low-frequency sound in the 1-20Hz range to attract and provoke demons. It has a power button, volume controls, and frequency adjustment buttons. This device is fully rechargeable using the included USB cable.

SpiritShack’s ghost attractor

The SpiritShack GHOST Infrasound Generator is designed to attract and provoke demonic activity. Demons are low-vibrational entities. Many haunted locations with demonic activity emit low-frequency sounds below the 20Hz range. By mimicking this environment, the chances of experiencing something demonic increase significantly. However, we strongly advise against using this device in your home, as it may attract unwanted entities that are difficult to remove.

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Infrasound generator vs the EMF pump

The EMF Pump doesn’t make a location haunted or attract any entities. Rather, it is a power source for spirits and demons to draw energy. The generator produces low vibrational sounds, known to attract demons and other factors such as death, traumatic incidents, drugs, and witchcraft.

What is infrasound?

Infrasound refers to low-frequency noise below 20Hz. Contrary to popular belief, humans can hear infrasound to some extent, with some able to detect frequencies as low as 1.5Hz. If the sound is inaudible, you may still be able to feel the vibration, similar to the sensation of a subwoofer. However, the effects of low-frequency noise on health have garnered negative attention over the last 40 years.


  • Rechargeable battery built-in (USB cable for charging included)
  • Adjustable frequency range from 1Hz to 15,000Hz
  • Adjustable volume settings
  • Portable design for use on ghost hunts
  • LCD screen displays current settings
  • Powerful speaker for use in large rooms
  • Capable of attracting and provoking demonic activity

The effects of infrasound on humans

Infrasound has been known to harm humans, primarily causing fear and other feelings such as anxiety, sorrow, chills, nervousness and headaches. In addition, since the human stomach runs on low frequency, exposure to frequencies around the 16Hz range may cause bowel movements. Some of these symptoms may occur within under an hour of exposure to the generator. If you experience any negative side effects, please turn them off immediately.

Natural occurrence of infrasound

Infrasound occurs naturally and is given off by earthquakes, thunderstorms, and elephants. Low frequency sound can also be found in many notorious haunted locations, although its unexplained nature may be due to earthly vibrations. Nevertheless, it is strange how many locations with demonic activity also have unexplainable sounds.

Alternative uses for the generator

The Infrasound Generator can output high-frequency noise up to 15,000Hz, which makes it ideal for meditating and opening up your third eye. High vibrational frequencies stimulate the third eye, which is essential for mediumship and relies on high vibrational energy. It may also help attract positive energy and angels using very high ranges. Because the frequency can be increased up to 15,000Hz.

Package contents

  • GHOST Infrasound Generator
  • USB cable for charging

Can you hear any sound from the infrasound generator?

Digital audio recorders can hear higher frequencies and lower frequencies than a human can, and even an audio recorder can’t pick up low frequency sound. The price of infrasound audio meters starts in the thousands. Like the human stomach gives off a sound of 16hz which nobody can hear. The earth is giving off infrasound non-stop, which humans can’t hear.

We have had a few people message us and say, hey, we can hear the low frequency sounds from this infrasound generator. Where I’m not certain you can. You can hear the mechanical effect of the speaker drum moving, which one may mistake for infrasound. Because the speaker drum moves too far in each direction, as it’s not designed to beat that slowly.

Think of it like light, we can see near infrared, but not far infrared. We can see near UV, but not far UV. We think we can see it, but we can see a fraction of it. A full spectrum camera would see that light much brighter. Same with infrasound, we may hear a small portion of it, but it’s going to be much louder and have more depth to it than we think.

If you record using an infrasound microphone in a silent room, and play it back, it’s not silent.

More information on infrasound

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