Shop for Ghost Summoning Equipment at SpiritShack! We have a range of products to help you summon ghosts and increase levels of paranormal activity. The most common type of ghost summoning equipment is the EMF pump, which gives off an electromagnetic field. It is believed ghosts can use the energy it gives off to create more activity. The infrasound generators create low frequency sound, which attracts demons and negative ghosts. And the death whistles are believed to summon ancient Aztec spirits.

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What is ghost summoning equipment?

Ghost summoning equipment is equipment designed to summon spirits. These types of products are designed to mimic ghosts, and potentially attract them. Of course, this is still pseudoscience.


What does ghost summoning equipment do?

Ghost summoning equipment is equipment designed to attract spirits to that location. It is believed infrasound and EMF can be detected in haunted locations. So, the idea of summing equipment is to mimic that and create EMF and infrasound, in hopes to attract spirits.


How does ghost summoning equipment work?

Ghost summoning equipment works be mimicking spirits. In haunted locations, unexplainable EMF spikes are observed. As well as infrasound, without a known cause. Ghost summoning equipment can mimic that, by generating EMF and infrasound, in an attempt to attract them.


How much does ghost summoning equipment cost?

Ghost summoning equipment starts are around £30 in the UK, for a death whistle. Designed to attract spirits. And range into the hundreds, for an infrasound generator which created infrasound. Something which is believed to attract negative spirits and demons.


Where can I buy ghost summing equipment?

We sell a range of ghost summoning equipment right here at SpiritShack. Including death whistles, EMF pumps, and infrasound generators.