Paranormal detectives need an adequate supply of batteries. To keep their equipment going. Most Ghost Hunting Equipment is portable and takes batteries. We here at SpiritShack have a range of batteries to choose from. And we have USB power banks to power your Ghost Hunting Kit. Purchasing a power bank will ensure your devices don’t run out. And can keep you going throughout your paranormal investigation. Stay charged and ready to catch entities you may encounter. We will be expanding our range of batteries and power packs. We hope to expand our range soon. We know how important it is to have the power to keep on going!

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Investigate Longer With Spare Batteries

Not carrying batteries or backup power sources during ghost-hunting is like not taking water on a long hike. Areas that are abundant with spiritual activity are valuable to your findings, but they can also drain the power from your essential pieces of equipment.

This is known to happen when dealing with paranormal beings. And for this reason, carrying SpiritShack's high-capacity USB power bank (or two) is pertinent.

The Importance of Batteries During Ghost Hunting

For many people, ghost hunting is about communicating with spirits to gain insight into hauntings. For others, it's about proving the existence of these paranormal entities. This is why so many investigators record both their visual and audio findings.

Specialty equipment is used for these purposes, and like a lot of modern-day electronics, they have a battery life. The last thing you need during your recording sessions is to be stranded in a location with high spiritual activity and no way of documenting it.

Many essential ghost-hunting devices on SpiritShack run on single-use alkaline batteries. But the majority of the most important devices have internal rechargeable batteries which are powered up via a USB cable.

Other pieces of equipment, such as a wind-resistant external microphone, use power from the device it is plugged into. However, this can also drain your device's power even further.

So, a backup power bank is perhaps the most essential part of your kit.

High Capacity USB Power Bank

Our power banks feature Li-Polymer batteries which is a huge benefit in and of itself. These types of batteries:

  • Are safe as they do not run the risk of exploding and leaking

  • Are lightweight

  • Have larger capacities

  • Have a reduction of self-power consumption due to its small internal resistance

  • Have stable discharging characteristics

  • Are long-lasting and have optimal performance

This power bank can be charged via a solar panel or plugged into a wall socket for a quicker charge in urgent situations. It has an impressive battery voltage of 3.7V, or 10,000 mAh (milliamp hours). Additionally, the two USB outputs allow for optimal performance, allowing you to charge multiple devices at once.

For example, you could give extra life to your LED Video Camera and Phone Light while also charging your SBOX SpiritBox AM/FM Radio Scanner without disrupting your investigation.

Even ghost-hunting equipment with a 3.5mm audio jack can be charged using this battery. All you need to do is connect a USB to a jack adapter and you are good to go. Portable batteries such as this one, are good investments as it is unlikely that you will need to replace it with a new battery anytime soon.

How to use the power bank

Using this portable battery really could not be simpler. For the initial charging, it is best to plug it into an electrical power supply to allow for more power and a faster charge. Thereafter, feel free to allow it to charge using solar power when you are not under any time constraints.

  1. Plug it in using the USB cables provided and ensure it is fully charged before using it for peak performance.

  2. Pack into your ghost-hunting kit.

  3. Switch it on when required, and plug in devices that need charging.

Be sure to keep an eye on the power level of your power bank during your charging sessions, especially with high-drain devices. Since this battery pack is relatively cost-effective, it is recommended that you have more than one that can be used interchangeably - especially if you have a lot of electronic devices that you use during your explorations.

Advantages and special features

  • Easy to use and portable

  • Clip for easy attachment to belt

  • Can be charged using solar power

  • Shock-resistant and durable casing

  • Can be charged in a car with USB ports

Essential Devices That Can Benefit From a USB Power Bank

You'll be pleased to know that many of the essential ghost-hunting devices on SpiritShack are compatible with this power bank and would benefit greatly from its more than adequate power supply. Some of these devices include:

As previously mentioned, even devices with audio jack connections can be made compatible with this portable battery by connecting it via a USB-to-jack converter.

Other Important Ghost-Hunting Essentials

If you have made the wise choice to add a power bank to your ghost-hunting supplies, you might be concerned about having yet another piece of equipment to carry. However, a phone rig can free up your hands thanks to its mounts for sound and lighting equipment.

Ghost-hunting and paranormal excursions should be taken with care and caution regarding every aspect. Ensuring that your equipment is up to scratch and your rechargeable gadgets are sufficiently juiced, is only one part of it.

You may have considered your safety limited to the human world but sometimes it is beneficial to take precautions against the spirit world. Using a sage smudge stick after visiting haunted locations can rid you and your equipment of any negative or misplaced energy that has attached itself.

Ghost-Hunting Tools That Don’t Require Batteries

Caught in a pinch and need to triage which piece of equipment gets charged? Thanks to SpiritShack's wide range of ghost-hunting equipment, there are other tools that require no batteries at all. The products listed below can be supplemented in your investigations, should you find yourself without spare alkaline batteries or enough battery life for certain devices.

If you find that you have too many pieces of equipment that require recharging, consider downloading ghost-hunting apps onto your mobile phone as a backup plan. It might be way more efficient to charge a mobile phone with a ready-to-use Spirit Box Or EMF app than charging these devices separately.


When ghost hunting, it’s a good idea to work under the assumption that your location does not have a power source for you to use. This way, you can plan and prepare accordingly. Having a high-capacity USB power bank and backup alkaline batteries in your arsenal is vital - not only for conducting investigations but also for your own safety.

When you are exploring unfamiliar and haunted sites, having no lighting and no means of communication with the outside world can be stressful and dangerous. This backup battery will make sure that your lights, phones and other equipment never let you down or (literally) leave you in the dark.

Be sure to purchase your high-capacity USB Power Bank from SpiritShack before your next exploration. Check out SpiritShack's YouTube channel for further information.



How do USB power banks work?

USB power banks work by releasing stored energy in their batteries. The power bank needs charging before use. You can charge it via a USB cable. Once charged, you can use it as a portable USB charger. To power and charge devices such as mobile phones and electric cigarettes.


How long does a USB battery bank work?

The length of time your USB power bank will last varies. It depends on a few different factors. The first factor is the capacity of the bank. And the percentage level of charge it has. The second is how many devices you wish to plug into the power bank. And the amount of energy they draw.


How often do I need to charge a USB battery pack?

The USB power bank will only need charging once it starts to run flat. The more you use it, the more you need to charge it. It will last longer if you pick a USB power bank with more capacity. Capacities measured in mAh and will last longer between charges. Some of them have built-in solar panels to charge them.


How long will a portable power supply power my phone?

This depends on a few different factors. Including the capacity of the battery in mAh. The percentage level of charge in the bank. And the energy draw of your phone, in mAh. Larger capacity USB battery banks will last much longer.


Do I need a portable charger?

You may need a USB battery pack if you are travelling. And may only have access to charge your USB-powered devices temporarily. They come in handy for powering cameras and camera lights. These devices do not last long.