Paranormal detectives need an adequate supply of batteries. To keep their equipment going. Most Ghost Hunting Equipment is portable and takes batteries. We here at SpiritShack have a range of batteries to choose from. And we have USB power banks to power your Ghost Hunting Kit. Purchasing a power bank will ensure your devices don’t run out. And can keep you going throughout your paranormal investigation. Stay charged and ready to catch entities you may encounter. We will be expanding our range of batteries and power packs. We hope to expand our range soon. We know how important it is to have the power to keep on going!

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How do USB power banks work?

USB power banks work by releasing stored energy in their batteries. The power bank needs charging before use. You can charge it via a USB cable. Once charged, you can use it as a portable USB charger. To power and charge devices such as mobile phones and electric cigarettes.


How long does a USB battery bank work?

The length of time your USB power bank will last varies. It depends on a few different factors. The first factor is the capacity of the bank. And the percentage level of charge it has. The second is how many devices you wish to plug into the power bank. And the amount of energy they draw.


How often do I need to charge a USB battery pack?

The USB power bank will only need charging once it starts to run flat. The more you use it, the more you need to charge it. It will last longer if you pick a USB power bank with more capacity. Capacities measured in mAh and will last longer between charges. Some of them have built-in solar panels to charge them.


How long will a portable power supply power my phone?

This depends on a few different factors. Including the capacity of the battery in mAh. The percentage level of charge in the bank. And the energy draw of your phone, in mAh. Larger capacity USB battery banks will last much longer.


Do I need a portable charger?

You may need a USB battery pack if you are travelling. And may only have access to charge your USB-powered devices temporarily. They come in handy for powering cameras and camera lights. These devices do not last long.