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Shop for Geophone Vibration Meters at SpiritShack! Geophone Vibration Meters are very effective tools for ghost hunting. Vibration meters are very sensitive and easy for ghosts to trigger. You will find they will be triggered much more often than the typical EMF meter or static sensor. We have simple geophone vibration sensors such as the flashing balls, tripwire and the white bear, which just have flashing lights when triggered. As well as more advanced pieces of equipment like the EDI+ and the Spirit Vibes which show vibration strength.




What is a geophone?

A geophone is a device which converts ground movement into voltage, so the level of vibration can be measured. Traditional geophones have a spike which you stick into the ground and have an analogue display. Modern geophones have a digital display and don’t have the spike and can just be placed on the ground.


How does a geophone work?

A geophone contains a coil of wire, wrapped, and suspended above a magnet. As the mass of wire moves, it sends voltage through the coil of wire to a voltage meter. So vibrations can be detected and displayed as a voltage.


How to make a geophone

To create a geophone, you need to suspend a coil of wire above a magnet. The ends of the wire should be connected to a voltmeter. When vibrations occur, the coiled wire will move over the magnet, generating voltage along the wires that can be measured using the voltmeter.


What is a geophone used for?

A geophone is used to measure vibration. Most commonly, it is used to measure seismic activity from the earth. And the spike probe is stuck into the ground. There are geophones for other purposes such as ghost hunting, which again, detect vibrations in the environment.


How much does a geophone cost?

Geophones start at around £80 in the UK. You can pay hundreds for more advanced models with a digital display.