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Para4ce Quad
Para4ce Quad ghost detector
Para4ce Quad for ghost hunting
Para4ce Quad for ghost hunters




The Para4ce Quad is a 4-in-1 ghost-hunting detector, and it’s a ghost hunter’s exclusive! It detects temperature changes, electromagnetic fields, vibrations and static electricity.

Para4ce Quad

The Para4ce Quad can monitor four different environmental factors at once. The EMF sensor can have electrical energy and magnetism given off by spirits. It will vastly improve your paranormal research, like having 4 bits of gear in one.

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Instead of having to carry around four different meters, it’s all-in-one. Catch more evidence with less equipment! If you catch more than one paranormal occurrence at once, it makes the proof a lot more substantial. Every one of the sensors is independent, and you can turn them all on and off separately. It gives you the ability to monitor EMF and temperature, for example.

When you go QUAD, you won’t ever go back! Some spirits find it easy to change the temperature, and others think it’s simpler to affect EMF. If you only have an EMF meter, you will miss the temperature changes. Thus, with the Para4ce Quad, you could get some paranormal proof.

How does the Para4ce Quad work?

The Quad is loaded with all you need to gather paranormal proof during your research. It includes EMF and vibration detection, temperature change and friction-based electricity monitoring. Every one of the sensors is on separate circuits that you can turn on or off.

There is an alternate tone and set of lights for every sensor. It gives you the ability to know which sensor’s been activated from hearing the sound. The Para4ce Quad is revolutionary in ghost-hunting gear. If there’s something strange going on, the Quad will alert you! It’s one of the most advanced tools for ghost and spirit detection.

EMF detection: The Para4ce Quad has an internal antenna inside the case. There are 9x lights on the top to show you the electromagnetic fields it’s recognizing. And it incorporates static related to paranormal activity. It’s incredibly delicate and detects all types of EMF, including AC, DC, natural, supernatural and artificial EMF. It distinguishes between contact static, frictional static and detachment static.

Vibration sensor: The vibration sensor in the Quad is sensitive to any slight vibration, loud sound, or movement. There are nine lights on the top of the Quad to alert you of any vibrations. Any shock, loud sounds or vibrations will set off. Its tone differs from the other sensors, so you will realize that vibration triggered it.

RemPod: The static electricity sensor works the same as the REM Pod. It uses the antenna to create its field with a 6-inch span. If the electronic field is disturbed by a ghost, spirit or presence, it will trigger the four bigger LEDs and sound an alarm. The sound alarm is not the same as the other sensors. And you will know whether it was the Rem Pod that triggered it or not.

Temperature detection: The temperature sensor monitors any increases or decreases in temperature. When you turn it on, it uses the starting temperature as a baseline. The temperature is then consistently monitored for any changes. The two LED lights alert you of any temperature changes. If the red light illuminates, it shows the temperature around the device has increased. If the blue light illuminates, this shows the temperature has decreased. Alongside the lights, there is an audible alarm. This alarm differs from the other sensor’s sounds. And you will be able to tell the difference. There is a button on the back to zero/reset the sensor.

How to utilize the Quad

Every one of the sensors has its power button on the back so that you can turn them on and off. You can use all the sensors at once, or you can use just one or two of them. Mix and match your detection methods to suit your environment and requirements. You can show the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. And there is a reset button that zeros every one of the sensors if necessary. The temperature switch and reset button are on the back part of the Para4ce Quads stand.

Quad features

  • Display screen
  • Red reset button
  • Detects EMF more than 400 kHz
  • 9x LEDs to indicate EMF
  • 4x LEDs to show energy absorption
  • 9x LEDs to indicate vibrations
  • 2x LEDs to show temperature changes
  • Temp range: – 40 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Power: Requires 4x AAA batteries (not included)
  • One year maker’s warranty

Note: There are no screws included for the battery lid. You don’t need the screws, and the battery cover stays on once closed, so please don’t stress.

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    Sam F

    My son and I have used it several times and absolutely love it. We used it in my parents old house, which we know is haunted, and got some great results with it. We tried it in our house and happily got nothing LOL. Looking forward to many exciting adventures with it.

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