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The Para4ce Quad is a 4 in 1 ghost hunting detector, a Ghost Hunters exclusive! It detects temperature changes, electromagnetic fields, vibrations and static electricity.

Para4ce Quad

The Para4ce Quad can monitor 4 different environmental elements at the same time. The EMF detector can pick up AC and DC, natural, supernatural and manmade EMF. It will dramatically improve your paranormal investigations as its like having 4 pieces of equipment in one.

You will need to carry less ghost hunting equipment around with you, and will catch more evidence. If multiple forms of paranormal evidence are captured at once it makes the evidence much stronger and valid. Each of the sensors are independent and all can be turned on and off. Giving you the flexibility to measure 1, all 4 or any combination in-between.

Once you go QUAD, you will never go back! Some spirits find it easy to change the temperature, and other find it easier to create EMF. If you only have an EMF detector you will miss the temperature changes. So, without the Para4ce Quad you are looking out on what could be vital paranormal evidence.

How does the Para4ce Quad work?

The Quad is packed with everything you need to collect paranormal evidence during your investigation. It includes EMF detection, vibration detection, temperature change detection and static electricity detection. Each of the detectors are on separate circuits and call all be switched on and off independently without any interference.

There is a different tone and set of lights for each sensor. Giving you maximum functionality, flexibility and reliability. The Para4ce Quad is the godfather of all ghost hunting equipment. If there’s something strange going on, the Quad will tell you! Its revolutionary in ghost and spirit detection.

EMF DETECTION: The Para4ce Quad has an internal antenna located on the front of the case. The top set of 9x lights indicate the level of the electromagnetic fields its detecting. This includes static discharge from possible paranormal activity. Its extremely sensitive and detects all forms of EMF including AC, DC, manmade, natural, and supernatural. It detects contact static, frictional static and detachment static.

VIBRATION SENSOR: The vibration sensor in the Quad is incredibly sensitive to any slight vibration, shock, or loud noise. When its triggered it is indicated by the 9 LED lights specified for vibrations. Any shocks, loud sounds or vibrations will also set off an audio alert, this tone is different from the other sensors so you will know vibration triggered it.

ENERGY ABSORPTION: The energy absorption sensor works as a REM POD and uses the antennae to generate its own field with a 6-inch radius. If the electronic field is disturbed by a ghost, spirit or presence, it will trigger the 4 larger LEDs and sounds an alert. The sound alert is different from all of the other sensors, so you will know if it was the energy absorption that triggered it.

TEMPERATURE DETECTION: The temperature detection sensor takes a series of measurements, which are then averaged, stored and referenced. The temperature is then measured continuously for any changes. The two LED lights surrounding the display will flash indicating detections. If the Red light lights up, it shows the temperature has increased. If the Blue light lights up, this shows the temperature has decreased. Along with the lights there is an auditory alert, which is different from the rest of the sensors. The flashing light will stop blinking when the original referenced temperature has returned. The temperature sensor is located under the Quad.

How to use the Quad

Each of the sensors has its own dedicated power button on the back so you can turn them on and off. Each of the individual functions can be used all at once or independently, depending on your preference and the environment you are working in. The temperature can be measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. There is also a reset button that zeros all the sensors if needed. The temperature switch and reset button are located on the bottom of the Para4ce Quads stand.

Quad features:
  • Detects EMF over 400 kHz
  • 9x LEDs to indicate EMF
  • 9x LEDs to indicate vibrations
  • 4x LEDs to indicate energy absorption
  • 2x LEDs to indicate temperature changes
  • Red reset button
  • Display screen
  • Temp range: -40 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Power: Requires 4x AAA batteries (not included)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Note: You will notice there is no screws included for the battery lid. They are not needed at all so please don’t worry.


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