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High Precision EMF Tester




Embark on a journey into the unknown with our High-Precision EMF Tester. It’s a state-of-the-art device designed for professional ghost hunters and curious enthusiasts alike. This device is an excellent tool for detecting paranormal activity. And for identifying electromagnetic radiation in everyday appliances.

Subtle Yet Powerful Design

Weighing just 120g and with dimensions of 192 x 53.8 x 35 mm, this EMF Tester is built for agility. Its ease of handling makes it an ideal companion for extended ghost-hunting sessions or quick checks around the home.

The device’s sturdy build ensures it works in many places when you need it, from the controlled conditions of a lab to the strange activity in haunted sites.

Advanced Features

It’s equipped to detect both electric fields and electromagnetic radiation. This device is essential for investigating a wide range of sources. From supernatural entities to household electronics like TVs, routers, and power cables.

With the ability to switch between mG, uT, and V/m, the EMF Tester provides precise readings. The maximum lock feature ensures that the highest measurement is captured and held for thorough analysis.

Ghost hunting often involves monitoring temperature fluctuations. The device’s ability to detect ambient temperatures ranging from 10 °C to 50 °C adds an extra layer of environmental awareness.

Enhanced User Experience

The beep alarm and alarm light are triggered when measurements exceed the safe threshold, alerting users from a distance. The clear, backlit display ensures reading ease in low-light conditions. It’s a common scenario in ghost-hunting expeditions.

A built-in torch adds convenience and enhances safety during nighttime tests.

Application in Paranormal Investigation

The high-sensitivity sensor of the EMF Tester is finely tuned to detect the subtle electromagnetic fluctuations often related to paranormal activities.

Whether investigating century-old haunted houses or modern sites with unexplained phenomena, this device is your reliable partner in unveiling the unseen.



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    Mike Erickson

    Exactly as described, thank you brilliant.

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