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The blue rem pod bear for ghost-hunting
Our rempod EMF bear lit up in the dark
The blue ghost detector teddy bear
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SpiritShack silent Rem Pod bear in blue

Rem Pod Bear without Sound



This Silent RemPod Bear allows you to communicate with all paranormal spirits, and especially the spirits of children. It uses EMF technology to detect changes in its environment.

What does the Rem Pod bear do?

The SpiritShack silent Rem Pod bear with flashing lights works incredibly similarly to the RemPod, but at a much better price. It has the added benefit of coming in the form of a fluffy bear, meaning it is a great piece of equipment to use when interacting with ghost children. This silent bear works the same as the RemPod, which is triggered when it senses changes in the surrounding energy field.

This Rem Pod EMF teddy is built specifically with paranormal investigation in mind. It is cuddly and cute, meaning children spirits are highly likely to want to interact with it when you take it out on ghost hunting investigations. Despite this, it is an incredibly sophisticated piece of equipment.

It is worth noting that we have a very limited stock of these bears, so make sure you get one quick while stocks last! We have thoroughly tested this product on investigations where there are known ghost children, and the device has worked very well.


  • Easily accessible 9v battery on external power pack
  • Pretty design due to all electronics completely hidden from view
  • Looks cute and appealing
  • Detects any changes to the surrounding static EMF field and responds with flashing lights
  • 1–2 lights means it’s picking up a little disturbance
  • 2–4 lights indicates a strong disturbance
  • Light and easily portable
  • Bright red lights for seeing easily in the dark

How does the Rem Pod bear work?

The SpiritShack Silent RemPod Bear generates its own static EMF field. If anything at all enters the field, which could be humans, spirits or otherwise, the device will be triggered. This device has the benefit of being incredibly sensitive, meaning it will trigger itself even with a light disturbance.

The teddy has 4 lights which can be triggered, one in each paw. A different number of lights are triggered depending based on the signal. If the presence is weak, two of the lights will trigger. If the presence is strong, all 4 of the lights will light up.

This Rem Pod teddy is a sensitive piece of equipment, and offers 360-degree detection with its magnetic field. This means it can detect and is triggered by spirits from all angles, improving your chances of capturing the movements of a paranormal entity. The teddy flashes bright red, which can be seen from very far away, especially in the dark.

The EMF bear is powered by a 9v battery (not included) which can be easily replaced. The battery can be accessed on the back of the toy teddy bear from an external power source, which allows for easy replacement when needed.

The EMF Rem Pod bear is useful when conducting investigations where you are using recording equipment. Due to the device being silent and only showing flashing lights when it is triggered, it is great to use alongside other recording equipment as it will not disrupt the recording.


  • Runs on a 9v battery
  • External rear battery pack for easy replacement
  • Colour: Light blue
  • 1x Silent Rem Pod bear included
  • 11 inch or 28 cm tall

How to use it for ghost-hunting

Since this EMF RemPod Bear is triggered by a change in the EMF field, it is a good idea to set it up away from other equipment or devices. Make sure it is also away from any paranormal investigators as they could trigger the teddy by moving within its EMF field.

If you are using cameras in the paranormal investigation, make sure they are positioned to point at the bear, so you can record any disturbances, including when the teddy is triggered.

If you want to ask the spirits you encounter questions, this Silent RemPod Bear is a great piece of equipment. Simply purchase multiple Bear’s and set them up in different areas of the room, away from people and other pieces of equipment. Ask the spirit questions, and label the bears “yes” and “no” so that they can answer. For example, “Are you happy to communicate with us?”, then trigger the teddy for “yes” or and don’t trigger it for “no”.

This allows for some sophisticated communication with paranormal entities. Due to the bear’s fluffy and attractive exterior, it is very likely that children ghosts will want to communicate with the bear much more than with just a standard RemPod.

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    Amazing bear, thank you! Used it on a few investigations now where there are known to be children spirits. The bear was being triggered many times on both nights. Might buy the one with sound next.

  2. Rating

    Jill S.

    He arrived quickly! He looks gorgeous, and I can leave him on display without my having to give an explanation. Which is what I wanted. I phoned in to understand how he works and if all was correct as my friend has the Touch Bear which seems to light up with ease and this is Static and so different in action. Paul answered and was so patient, and I now understand. I believe to build the energy for this bear I have to work…so wish me luck. Cannot wait to try it at the circle.

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    I haven’t purchased this bear, but looks cute. 5 stars.

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