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Para4ce NEM Master in action
Para4ce NEM Master RemPod
Para4ce NEM Master Rem Pod
Para4ce NEM Master

Para4ce NEM Master Rem Pod



The NEM Para4ce Master is a new type of friction-based electricity detector. The products are designed just for detecting ghosts and spirits. It detects a different type of friction-based electricity to Rem Pods. Rem pods detect “contact static build-up”, and the NEM Master detects “frictional static build-up”. You can trigger a Rem Pod by putting your hand a couple of inches from the aerial, as it detects “contact static build-up”. But, this static type is only detectable from a few inches away. With friction-based static, the NEM Master detects this from 1 to 2 feet, making the NEM a longer-range static electricity detector.

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You will notice that the Para4ce NEM Master is more sensitive than a regular Rem Pod. And it’s a unique tool for paranormal research. You can’t trigger it by putting your hand near it, though. To test if it’s working, get a plastic bag and rub it between your hands from 1 to 2 feet away. And you will see the NEM Master detects the friction, but the Rem Pods do not. Ghosts and spirits emit bot contact and frictional-based static. The good thing about the NEM device is it can detect fiction from much further away. It will alert you with its red light and its built-in audible alarm.

How does it work?

The Para4ce NEM Master detects static electromagnetic fields that ghosts and spirits radiate. It detects “frictional static build-up”, which contrasts with the Rem Pod. The Rem Pod detects contact static and can only detect it from inches away rather than feet. The NEM device can detect a spirit or a soul from 1 to 2 feet. Once triggered, the LED light will illuminate, and the alert will sound.

People, electronics, or artificial signals such as EMF and radio don’t set off the NEM Master. So, when it does trigger, you know it’s much more likely to be paranormal. The NEM Master will not trigger from your hand, and WI-FI doesn’t activate it. Another benefit is that you can walk around with the NEM meter in your hand; the reason is that your hand will not trigger it. It’s a significant benefit over the traditional Rem Pod devices, and you will receive very few false positives.

How to use the NEM Master

Ensure you have placed a 9v square battery into the unit and placed it in the right way around. There are + and – terminals marked on the inside. Extend the receiving antenna and turn the NEM Master on. You can place the NEM meter down, or you can walk around with it in your hand. You can ask the spirits to trigger it, and they can do this by touching or getting close to it. If the device begins to trigger, you can proceed to ask yes/no questions. For instance, you could ask if the ghost is a female (trigger it for yes and don’t for no). Once the device is triggered, the light will illuminate, and the audible alarm will sound.

NEM Master features

  • Detects friction-based static electricity
  • Pocket-sized – It fits in your hand and is lightweight
  • Bright LED light
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm
  • Weight: 102g
  • Made in USA
  • Takes 1x 9V square battery (not included)


Batteries: If you put the 9v square battery in the wrong way, it will break the device. Use the + and – terminal markings on the inside of the battery holder to check which way the battery goes. If the device stops functioning correctly, replace the battery with a fresh one for best results.

Battery cover: There is a screw hole on the battery cover. You don’t need the screw for the cover, and we don’t include it.

Detection: The NEM Master only detects friction-based static electricity. And it doesn’t detect contact-based static as the Rem Pod does. It will not detect your hand if you place it near the antenna. If you want to test the NEM device, rub a plastic carrier bag in between your hands to generate some frictional static electricity. The device should detect this from a good 1–2 feet away.

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