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Para4ce NEM Master Rem Pod


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The NEM Para4ce Master is new form of static electricity detector designed by detecting ghost and spirits. It doesn’t detect static electricity the same way most Rem Pod’s do. Rempods detect “contact static build up”, and the NEM Master detects “frictional static build up”. You will notice that you can trigger a rempod by putting your hand a few inches away from the arial, as it picks up “contact static build up”. The trouble is this type of static can only be detected from a few inches’ way. With the “frictional static build up” the NEM Master detects it can detect this from 1-2 feet way. Making it a much more superior static electricity detector.

You will find the Para4ce NEM Master is more sensitive and is triggered more often on paranormal investigations. It will just not be triggered by people. To test it get a plastic supermarket carrier bag and rub it in between your hands from 1-2 feet away and you will notice the NEM Master picks it up but the Rem Pod doesn’t. It can detect “frictional static build up” from all directions. And it is believed ghost and spirits give off more frictional static than they do contact static, making this perfect for interacting with them. It will alert you with the bright red light, and the alarm will trigger as well if the static charge is very strong.

How does it work?

The Para4ce NEM Master picks up on static electromagnetic fields that ghosts and spirits give off. It detects “frictional static buildup”, which differs from the Rem Pod. Which allows it to detect spirits from feet away instead of inches. Depending on the proximity and the intensity of the charge the entity gives off. When a spirit is detected, the LED light will light up, and the alarm will sound if the static charge is intense.

Since the NEM Master is not triggered by people or manmade EMF such as that from wiring and electronic devices. Its much safer to assume that when it detects something its paranormal. The NEM Master will not go off if you touch it of get to close to it, and it will not be triggered by your cell phone. Which means you can safely walk around with it in your hand. This helps rule out any false positives.

How to use the NEM Master

Ensure you have put a new 9v square battery in, and you have put it in the right way around matching the + and – terminals. Fully extend the antenna and turn the NEM Master on. You can place it down or walk around with it. You can just leave it and tell the spirits its there and they can trigger it by going near it. Or you can walk around with it asking them to trigger it. If you start getting responses you can ask yes/no questions and they can answer them. For example, you could ask them to trigger it if they are female. Once triggered the light will light up, and if the static charge is very strong the alarm will trigger too.

NEM Master features:

  • Bright LED light
  • Audible alarm if strong static is detected
  • Telescopic extendable antenna
  • Uses one name branded 9V square battery (not included)
  • Pocket sized – It fits in your hand and is very light weight
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 102g
  • Made in USA
Very Important!

Batteries: If the 9v square battery is put in the wrong way around it will break the device. Look as the + and – terminals on the battery and make sure you match that when you put it in. Ensure you always use a new battery when replacing it, as a new battery will give better results.

Battery cover: There is a screw hole on the battery cover, it’s not needed though and a screw for it isn’t included.

Detection: The NEM Master detects static electricity, but differs from the Rem Pod. It will not detect a person if you touch the arial. It detects frictional static which humans don’t give off. Spirits give of frictional static electricity, which the NEM Master can detect from 1-3 foot away. You will notice you get better results from the NEM Master than any other Rem Pod.


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