Para4ce NEM Master
Para4ce NEM Master in action
Para4ce NEM Master RemPod
Para4ce NEM Master Rem Pod
Para4ce NEM Master
EMF Meter
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Para4ce NEM Master Rem Pod


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The NEM Para4ce Expert is new type of friction based electricity detector designed by detecting ghost and spirits. It doesn’t identify friction based electricity a similar way most Rem Pod’s do. Rempods identify “contact static build up”, and the NEM Master recognizes “frictional static build up”. You will see that you can trigger a rempod by putting your hand a couple of inches from the arial, as it gets “contact static build up”. The difficulty is this sort of static must be recognized from a couple of inches’ way. With the “frictional static build up” the NEM Master recognizes it can identify this from 1-2 feet way. Making it a significantly more predominant static electricity detector.

You will discover the Para4ce NEM Master is more sensitive and is set off more regularly on paranormal examinations. It will simply not be set off by individuals. To test it get a plastic bag and focus on it between your hands from 1-2 feet away and you will see the NEM Master gets it however the Rem Unit doesn’t. It can distinguish “frictional static build up” from all bearings. Furthermore, it is accepted ghost and spirits emit more frictional static than they do contact static, making this ideal for associating with them. It will alert you with the dazzling red light, and the alert will trigger also if the static charge is very strong.

How does it work?

The Para4ce NEM Expert gets on static electromagnetic fields that ghots and spirits radiate. It distinguishes “frictional static build up”, which contrasts from the Rem Unit. Which permits it to recognize spirits from feet away rather than inches. Contingent upon the nearness and the power of the charge the substance radiates. At the point when a soul is distinguished, the LED light will illuminate, and the alert will sound if the static charge is intense.

Since the NEM Expert isn’t set off by individuals or synthetic EMF like that from antenna and electronic gadgets. Its a lot more secure to accept that when it distinguishes something its paranormal. The NEM Expert will not go off in the event that you contact it of will near it, and it won’t be set off by your wireless. Which implies you can securely stroll around with it in your grasp. This assists rule with excursion any false positives.

How to utilize the NEM Master

Ensure you have placed another 9v square battery in, and you have placed it in the correct manner around coordinating the + and – terminals. Completely expand the recieving wire and turn the NEM Expert on. You can put it down or stroll around with it. You can simply leave it and tell the spirits its there and they can trigger it by going close to it. Or then again you can stroll around with it requesting that they trigger it. In the event that you begin getting reactions you can ask yes/no inquiries and they can respond to them. For instance, you could inquire as to whether they are female. When set off the light will illuminate, and if the static charge is exceptionally solid the alert will trigger too.

NEM Master features:

  • Pocket sized – It fits in your hand and is extremely light weight
  • Bright LED light
  • Audible alarm if strong static is detected
  • Telescopic extendable antenna
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 102g
  • Made in USA
  • Utilizations one name marked 9V square battery (excluded)
Very Important!

Batteries: If the 9v square battery is placed in the incorrect manner around it will break the gadget. Look as the + and – terminals on the battery and ensure you match that when you put it in. Guarantee you generally utilize another battery when supplanting it, as another battery will give better results.

Battery cover: There is a screw opening on the battery cover, it’s not required however and a screw for it isn’t included.

Detection: The NEM Master recognizes electricity produced via friction, however varies from the Rem Pod. It won’t identify an individual in the event that you contact the arial. It distinguishes frictional static which people don’t radiate. Spirits give of frictional friction based electricity, which the NEM Master can identify from 1-3 foot away. You will see you improve results from the NEM Master than some other Rem Pod.

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    great device and fast delivery thank you

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