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The Rem Pod EMT + ATDD is the newest RemPod model with improved sensitivity and added features.

What Does It Do?

The Spirit Shack RemPod EMT + ATDD is a Rem Pod with a temperature reader. It is the latest REM-POD version, being released in May 2017. The Rem Pod is a tool specifically designed for ghost hunting and paranormal research. This particular piece of equipment has been developed by paranormal investigators specifically for the purpose of ghost hunting, and is compromised of the same great technology as previous Rem-Pods, with some new improvements and tweaks which make it stand out against the rest.

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The RemPod is an infamous piece of ghost hunting equipment. It has been seen on numerous TV shows, including Ghost Adventures. This new Rem Pod is up to 40% more sensitive around the antenna, much improved on the previous Rev 02 version. There have even been reports of paranormal entities communicating with ghost hunters through using the sounds that the device makes to make music, which I’m sure we can all agree would be an incredible encounter to have!

This Rem Pod EMT + ATDD is so popular that it often sells out incredibly quickly! So make sure you grab yours while stocks last.

Main Features:

  • Array of different coloured lights to indicate different levels of interference
  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & Purple easy to view LED Lights
  • Audible tones which correlate with the disturbance level
  • Easy to see backlight for visibility even in low-light environments
  • Programmable 5-step sensitivity which allows for instantaneous response to field fluctuations and any spikes
  • Audible and visual hot and cold spot detection when the temperature fluctuates +5 / -5 degrees
  • Temperature “Zero” (Baseline)
  • Benefit of both automatic and manual REM “Zero” (Baseline)
  • Easy-fit antenna which is removable and screw-in
  • Alkaline Battery (9v) Included
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

How Does It Work?

The Spirit Shack Rem-Pod EMT + ATDD covers 360 degrees detection. It has a mini telescopic antenna which radiates its own magnetic field into the environment. This new and improved version allows you to manually set its baseline levels, leading to more accurate readings as you can adjust the settings based on whichever environment you’re conducting your experiment in.

With the RemPod EMT + ATDD, you are able to program 5 different sensitivity levels which are different distances throughout the REM range. The specifications of this device are similar to that of previous RemPods for ghost hunting, but this one has some new features.

For example, the EMT/ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) will detect and alert you to any ambient temperature changes with an audible tone. This is a far improvement on previous RemPods, as now you are able to leave the room during a paranormal investigation and still be alerted by the device that there is activity within an area.

The RemPod EMT + ATDD’s sensitivity has been improved upon greatly. The new Rem-Pod defaults to a sensitivity setting that when turned on, is equal to the highest sensitivity setting of the previous RemPod model (01). This means you are able to capture evidence of paranormal activity like never before.

How To Use It:

The first step is to remove all packaging from the RemPod and load the battery. Once you have done this and attached the antenna, extend the Rem-Pod EMT + ATDD’s telescopic antenna which is located at the top of the unit. The on/off slide switch is located on the bottom of the device. When it is turned on, the REM setting with an EM field will be activated.

For the ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) to be turned on, there is a power button located on top of the RemPod. The REM switch must also be turned on for this to work, please note. Once activated, the ATDD will detect the environmental ambient temperature conditions and set its levels.

You are able to adjust the REM detection sensitivity level to suit your needs. The REM field and strength which surrounds the antenna is adjustable by using the button labelled “REM RANGE” which is located on the top of the pod.

Each level of sensitivity corresponds with a different colour LED. Here are the sensitivity levels:

Level 1: Purple LED
Level 2: Purple & Red LED
Level 3: Purple, Red & Blue LED
Level 4: Purple, Red, Blue & Yellow LED
Level 5: Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green LED

Once you have adjusted the baseline levels of the device, leave it for around 10 minutes so that it can properly adjust to the surrounding ambient temperature levels.

When the battery needs to be changed, the Rem-Pod EMT + ATDD Green LED will flash at random, so make sure to replace the 9v battery correctly in order to prevent any possible damage to the device.

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    Abigail Shepherd

    The REM-POD ATDD is a great product coming from a really reliable company. It came with instructions and was well packaged for shipment. I haven’t used this out side of my house yet but I’m planning too. My house is haunted and I have just been using it in different rooms. Hopefully once COVID is over, I can go out on some haunted investigations to really test this out.

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